Felons register as Democrat over Republican by 6 to 1

A new study published  a leading political science journal confirms yet again what any observer of American politics knows instinctively:

Felons who are allowed to vote overwhelmingly favor Democrats — 6 to 1 in the states studies.

felonvotes0101According to the Washington Examiner, the study published in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (hefty subscription required) found the link between political leanings and criminal bents is inextricable.

And just as predictably, it explains why Democrats nationwide spend so much time trying to portray restricted voting laws for felons as some kind civil rights issue on a par with whites-only water fountains and back-of-the-bus rules.

“Democrats would benefit from additional ex-felon participation,” the study states, according to the Examiner.

The study considered three states – New Mexico, New York and North Carolina — that actively encourage felons to return to the voting rolls when they return from prison.

The results?

In New Mexico, 51.9 percent registered Democrat, 10.2 Republican. In New York, 61.5 registered Democrat, 9 percent Republican. In North Carolina, 54.6 percent registered Democrat, 10.2 percent Republican.

Given that the demographics of the American prison population – disproportionately black, overwhelmingly young – track those of the Democrat Party, the results aren’t exactly shocking.

Given the fact that people who land in prison also tend to be poorly educated, impulsive and short-sighted – not to mention they’re the smartest guys in the class in the first place – the political breakdown seems inevitable.

It makes sense psychologically too: A group of people gets provided with physical needs – food, clothing, shelter and of course health care, and in the process loses its liberty completely.

Does that describe prisoners or Democrats?



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