sotomayor and miley
Justice Sotomayor to lower Time Square ball; Miley Cyrus twerking not an issue

Bronx native Sonia Sotomayor will become the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice to welcome in the New Year in Times Square Tuesday evening. “She will press the […]

Watch big mouth Piers Morgan get pelted by 90 MPH cricket balls

Some videos you watch (and share) just for fun. Piers Morgan kept the trash talk coming and the Australian cricket team’s “pitcher” kept the balls firing. Best […]

Miami skyline
Florida Five: Wasserman Schultz faces pivotal 2014, Population explodes with job growth

Here is the final Florida Five for 2013 and we look forward to bringing you the top political stories from around the state as we move into […]

Conservatives lash back at NY Times’ bombshell whitewashed Benghazi report

A New York Times report posted Saturday night is drawing a wave of criticism for reviving the idea that an obscure video about the origins of Islam […]

Unexpected bill from IRS the next nightmare for Obamacare enrollees

Americans who think they’re benefiting from health insurance subsidies under Obamacare could end up having to repay that money when the next tax season rolls around. Unless […]

NY Democrat in trouble; says he’d never be able to afford prostitutes if they unionize

The latest allegations against a New York state assemblyman could find ladies of the evening joining alongside a growing number of Democratic officials calling for his resignation. […]

Tournament of Roses Parade
Controversial float spurs boycott of 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade

Two Los Angeles men’s plans to celebrate their gay marriage on a float in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade has sparked controversy and a boycott. Danny […]

State senator files bill requiring Pledge of Allegiance be part of every school day

An Oklahama state senator is working to the make the Pledge of Allegiance a part of every public school day. Rob Standridge, a Republican who represents the […]

soldier mom
Watch homecoming: Soldier dressed as Santa surprises mom at work on Christmas day

Soldiers surprising their families with holiday homecomings never get old. This touching video was posted on You Tube by  MeridianHealthNJ: Travis Ruggiero, an Army Specialist, surprised his […]

Best news bloopers of 2013

Bloopers happen every day in the news industry. Some are too funny not to share. These Internet favorites of 2013 were compiled and posted on NewsBeFunny‘s You Tube […]

The president’s problem with American exceptionalism

Exceptionalism is a term President Obama has trouble ascribing to the United States without saying the Greeks and Brits are equally exceptional. Assuming his mindset is the […]

Fox News presents: ‘Top Political Quotes of 2013’

Fox News has put together a video compilation of the “Top Political Quotes of 2013” that reminds us of what a strange year it has been. Having […]