Clever ‘don’t buy it’ ads turn up heat on Patrick Murphy; target holiday shoppers

The conservative group American Action Network used the theme of Cyber Monday to hit Florida’s Patrick Murphy and other congressional Democrats considered to be vulnerable in 2014 […]

Obama in turban AP image
Shocking details of items purged from FBI terror training; deemed ‘offensive to Muslims’

“For the first time I am aware of in our nation’s history, we are refusing to take a good look at who wants to destroy us,” U.S. […]

Allen West, NRA warn EPA causing ammo shortage in back-door gun grab

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West is joining the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups to warn that an attack by the Obama administration’s EPA on […]

Study shows parents with daughters more likely to be Republican

Pew Research Center reports that a study by two sociologists found that parents who have daughters are more inclined to be Republicans over Democrats. The report shows […]

UPS spouses
UPS CFO on how Obamacare caused company to drop benefits of 15k employee spouses

On CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Monday, United Parcel Service Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn explained how the cost of Obamacare’s mandates caused the company to drop health benefits for 15,000 spouses […]

Alec Baldwin
The Hollywood Kings of obnoxious behavior – the worst of the worst

Hollywood is a diseased town, full of sick people. It is a city in the business of making money, and its denizens have no qualms about deep-sixing […]

rogers feinstein
‘There are new bombs, very big bombs’: Dems admit terror threat to America rising

It’s not very often you hear unanimous agreement between a Republican congressman and a Democrat senator on issues of national security, so we should listen well when […]

Dem Rep.: Obama showed ‘integrity’ by apologizing to anyone who ‘misunderstood’ his promise

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was spinning hard Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” saying President Barack Obama showed “integrity” by apologizing to Americans who “misunderstood” his promise […]

Steve Crisafulli
Committed to addressing Florida’s serious water issues

Op-ed by: Florida Speaker-Designate Steve Crisafulli One of Florida’s most precious resources is water. Our state is world renowned for our 1,200 miles of beaches, springs, and more […]

obama rouhani
The ‘historic mistake’ deal: Iran set to build second nuclear plant

While the Obama White House was busy presenting a misleading version of the interim nuclear agreement reached with Iran to tout its success, the Iranians were busy […]

George Will: ‘All hell is going to break loose’ in 2014 if employers drop insurance plans

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, while discussing the status report on the Obamacare web site released by the White House, columnist George Will warned that […]

CNN tests Obamacare website
Upgraded Obamacare website crashes during CNN test

After the Obama administration announced had been upgraded and is now functional, CNN put it to the test Sunday – and came up short. CNN business correspondent […]