Charlie Rangel running for 23rd term, calls Obamacare repeal effort an ‘illness’

U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel wants another term in Congress, even though he has to “deal” with the tea party, which he described as a “cult” with an “illness” that drives its efforts to repeal Obamacare.

“So politics is changing for me at this late age, to have to deal with a cult-type of group of people,” the New York Democrat, 83, said in a New York Daily News video posted  in October and continuing to make its rounds
on conservative websites.

“I understand Democrats, and I used to understand Republicans. There is something going on in this country that I don’t understand, and that’s the tea party.”

Rangel has served in Congress since 1971, which amounts to 22 two-year terms, according to CNS News.

“I have never met or dealt with politicians that don’t mind losing, that don’t mind taking down their party, the Republican Party, or their speaker or the country – or the president or the party for that matter,” he said.

Maybe Rangel should consider retirement.

Watch the video here via CNS News:



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