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3-year-old fighting brain tumor gets bronze star; collected 900 teddy bears for sick kids

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Proving you’re never too young to do good for others, a 3-year-old fighting a brain tumor has brought joy to hundreds of hospitalized children in Houston, Texas, through the gift of teddy bears.

After Bennett Nester was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, he received a bear while in the hospital. Seeing how it helped ease the pain and trauma for Bennett, the Nesters decided to hand out the token of joy themselves the following year to other ill children, his mother said,according to LifeNews.

In 2012, the Nesters collected and distributed 250 bears. This year, the effort known as “Bennett’s Bears” has accumulated nearly 900 stuffed toys from Build-a-Bear.

If that weren’t enough, an anonymous Vietnam vet took action after hearing about Bennett. Battling his own illness, he wanted to recognize Bennett’s heroism in helping others while fighting for his own life.

The veteran gave Bennett his Bronze Star, telling the boy he could keep it as long as he promised to be brave in his medical battle, according to LifeNews.

Watch Bennett’s story here via Life News:

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