WWII vet warns America: 90 percent of Congress are traitors

A World War II veteran of the Pacific War, whose bankruptcy caused by medical bills caused him to lose his home – and made headlines on conservative websites in 2012, is back in a video released Saturday by the Liberty Alliance, warning Americans to wake up before it’s too late.

Warren Bodeker, 89, was an Army Airborne paratrooper during the war who earned two bronze stars during three combat jumps in the Philippines, according to Oath Keepers, a group of current and former members of the military that advocates strict adherence to the Constitution.

warrenbodeker1230In the video, shot at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, Bodeker briefly recounts his wartime experiences, and says Americans can no longer trust their national politicians to respect the nation’s founding document.

Bodeker, who ran unsuccessfully for state office in Montana on the Constitution Party ticket, says the country is ready for a third party.

“I hope our Congress wakes up,” Bodeker says. “Ninety percent of them are traitors to our country.”

If they don’t, he said, Americans will wake them up.

“I want to be free in my thinking and my actions … I want to be free,” Bodeker says. “It’s time we take a stand.”

Check out this video of Bodeker speaking – a man who gave his youth fighting for his country is spending his final years doing the same thing.



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