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State senator files bill requiring Pledge of Allegiance be part of every school day

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An Oklahama state senator is working to the make the Pledge of Allegiance a part of every public school day.

Rob Standridge, a Republican who represents the Norman area, has filed a bill for the 2014 legislative session that would require Sooner State schools to begin each day with the pledge. Parents who object would be able to have their children excused from saying the pledge, Standridge told “Friends and Friends” on Saturday.

pledge1229Oklahoma law currently authorizes the pledge but doesn’t require it. Standridge’s bill would change that, but allow for parents who object to have their children opt out.

Standridge said making the pledge a structured part of the day “is the least we can do” to honor those who founded the country and the sacrifices of those who fought and died for it since.

“With the tone in the nation and the way things are going, it should be up to the parents to decide – not teachers and schools – to decide whether [children] say the pledge or not,” Standridge said.

The pledge comes up in the news every couple of years, usually when  some crank objects to the words “under God,” like they’re the first step in establishing some theocracy on these shores where women are subject to public stoning for letting their eyebrows show.

In 2010, in fact, Oklahoma’s then attorney general – Democrat Drew Edmondson — was one of two leaders of U.S. attorneys general who filed a common friend-of-the court brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to agree the words “under God” do not violate the First Amendment in a case from California.

So even Oklahoma’s Democrats don’t have a problems with the pledge. Standridge’s bill should at least get a hearing.

Check out Standridge’s “Fox and Friends” interview here.


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