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See what petition the ‘brain-dead on the boardwalk’ wouldn’t sign!

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For once, the people approached by political activist and prankster Mark Dice weren’t “brain dead on the boardwalk,” as we here at BizPac Review have occasionally dubbed them.

Author and conservative bomb-thrower Mark Dice couldn’t get people to sign his newest “crazy petition” – “Save the Church of Satan” – but he sure had fun trying.

In the past, Dice has gotten people to sign insane petitions – “I support an Orwellian police state in America,” “Mandatory euthanasia for senior citizens under Obamacare” – proving they are exactly what he calls them, “zombies.”

But when it came time to “Save the Church of Satan,” Dice had no luck, thank God.

In fact, Dice posted a comment on his YouTube account saying:

This was the only crazy petition idea that I wasn’t able to get a dozen signatures for in a few minutes.   I surely could have filled it up with signatures, but it would have taken a half hour so I dropped the idea.

It’s refreshing to finally see horrified reaction from the some of the people Dice approached:


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