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Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party will involve more awful dancing

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Michelle Obama dancingThe party plans are on for Michelle Obama’s  “50 and fabulous” (her words, not mine) birthday party next month where attendees are going to be forced to eat carrot sticks and count burned calories as they dance the night away before binging on desserts.

Seriously.  Well, it sure sounds that way.

The first lady’s birthday is Jan. 17, and according to the Chicago Tribune, the White House has already sent out “save the date” emails for the first lady’s “Jan. 18 gala dubbed ‘Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert.'”

“Guests are being told: Wear comfortable shoes, eat before you come and practice your dance moves,” the Tribune reported. “Who’s invited and who’ll entertain remain under wraps,” but one known guest, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, seems giddy at the prospect of boogying down with Obama again.

Brazile recalled to the newspaper the night of the 2013 inauguration party where Michelle “just lit up like a spark was inside her. We cleared the tables and we all just started dancing. We danced the night away. That’s Michelle. She’s spontaneous, she’s energetic, she gets the moment and appreciates every second she is surrounded with friends and family.”

“She’s a history-maker, a trailblazer, but she’s simply Michelle, a down-home, down-to-earth woman of tremendous grace,”Brazile gushed to the Tribune. “She’s become more gracious as time goes by.”

“That girl can dance,” Brazile said. “That woman can still shake a tail feather.”

But I beg to differ.

It was brutally painful to watch the “Let’s Move” first lady of the United States of America go on national television with a dressed in drag Jimmy Fallon to present “The Evolution of Dance” back in February: Michelle Obama’s dance spawns parody video

But, oh dear. She’s planning to break out in “some dancing…a little Dougie” again at her birthday party she told a young patient at a children’s hospital during a recent visit, according to the Tribune.

Sigh. Here’s looking at you Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush and the always classy Jackie-O…

More from the Chicago Tribune.

Watch FLOTUS’ embarrassing dancing with Fallon here:

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H/T: Politico


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