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Fla. speeders get Lotto tickets from police on Christmas Day

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Police in Melbourne, Fla., decided to spread a little cheer by issuing lottery tickets with warnings on Christmas Day.

“In the spirit of the season here, most people expect to get a traffic ticket when they get stopped. In this case, they were surprised to get a scratch-off ticket instead,” Sgt. Sheridan Shelley of the Melbourne Police Department told ABC News.

About 30 motorists received tickets along with warnings to drive safely Wednesday.

“This was an idea that was generated by the officers who were working yesterday,” Shelley said. “This was money that came out of the pockets of the officers. This was just the officers doing a community service, teaching public safety and giving back to the community.”

Shelley told ABC drivers had mixed reactions to the gesture, but police wanted to make it a memorable experience.

“I can tell you right now that no one is getting lottery tickets today,” Shelley said. “Hopefully, nobody has it in their mind to speed and expect to receive a Lotto ticket. That was a one shot deal for Christmas.”

Watch the report via Florida Today:

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