Church displays Nativity with bloody Trayvon Martin in place of Jesus


A California church has turned a symbol of Christian joy and faith into a sacrilegious political message, substituting the Christ child with a depiction of a bleeding and hunched Trayvon Martin.

The Claremont United Methodist Church has for the last seven years turned its Nativity scene “into a piece of art that comments on our times,” according to Breitbart News.

Breitbart reported:

John Zachary, the artist, told me the acquittal in July of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the 17-year-old African-American in 2012, struck him as a worthy subject for Christmas comment.

For one thing, the backdrop to the Christmas story is the slaughter by King Herod of all infants in Bethlehem, a barbarous attempt to kill the Messiah.

TrayvonNativitygifBeneath the scene is the inscription, “A child is born, a son is given,” with the letters outlined in flowing blood.

The scene was difficult for the church’s pastor, Sharon Rhodes-Wickett, she told Breitbart.

“I found this year’s hard to look at. It’s hard to look at a young man who’s shot and bleeding to death. But even though I’m uncomfortable with it, that’s the point,” Rhodes-Wickett said. “We have to take a look at the violence.”

Violence is a worthy topic of discussion, as long as the discussions are honestly presented and not based on fairy tales.

“You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts,” said the late politician Daniel Patrick Moynihan. And it’s with that premise that PJTV commentator Bill Whittle outlined the facts in the Martin shooting — facts ignored previously by the media, and now by the Claremont United Methodist Church.


7 thoughts on “Church displays Nativity with bloody Trayvon Martin in place of Jesus

  1. BuzzyActual says:

    Does anyone doubt that this church is not of God but belongs to this world? This church has substituted their sense of justice for God’s gift of his son. It is blasphemy.

  2. Mamatex says:

    Disgracefully, disrespectful, disgusting! Dissed!

  3. Elizabeth Boyer Lowe says:

    That punk got what he deserved for attacking George, his intent was to slam his head into the pavement enough to kill him. I saw the pictures of the damage he did to him. George fought for his own life. Putting the punk attacker in Jesus’ place in a nativity scene is a disgusting display of ignorance. The punk was NOT an innocent, he was a drug abusing, law breaking thug.

  4. injustice_avenger says:

    only Kalifuckian Lib-Tards who are still harping on the fact a life-time gang-banger got killed, by a Security Guard, who feared for his life. GET OVER IT DEMO_DOPES !…..If the thug Trayvon would have stopped and acted like he wasn’t doing anything, he would still be alive today, blame the punk, not “whitey”.

  5. Ivan says:

    female pastor…

  6. crusader2010 says:

    The reason I dropped out of the Methodist-Socialist Church! Too Liberal and irrelevant for anywhere but California.

  7. theissuesnow says:

    It is highly sickening and offensive that a church would stoop to this level!

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