Christian activists tick off atheists; cover Chicago’s anti-Christmas display with giant banner

Conservative Christians squared off in a pre-Christmas contest of ideas with an atheist group after the Christians unfurled a banner heralding the existence of angels to cover up an atheist group’s neon “A” in Chicago’s Daly Plaza.

As part of its annual – and annually more tiresome — efforts to make a grab headlines and generally make a nuisance of itself under the guise of intellectual freedom, the Freedom From Religion Foundation lit up a giant cursive letter “A” in the heart of Chicago.

aisforangels1226The Christian group Remember America Foundation has another idea, and placed  a banner in front of the atheists’ “A,” declaring “A is for angels”

A confrontation ensued, of course, which is exactly what the Freedom From Religion posers were pushing for. (Check out the video below.)

Every year, an atheist group does this, and every year they’re about as clever as your basic high-school sophomore who thinks he’s the first person to realize there are actually two creation stories in Genesis, that the Gospels are not in complete agreement with each other on every detail, that God doesn’t seem entirely fair to everyone all the time in the Bible.

In the Chicago case, the atheists were trying to upstage a Nativity scene at the annual German-American Christkindlmarket holiday market – you don’t have to speak German to figure out there’s something vaguely religious about it.

Too much religion for the Freedom From Religion folks, who’ve now staged their foot-stamping crying tantrums around the country again, in Florida’s Capitol, in Madison, Wis., Chicago and elsewhere..

Remember this next Ramadan, when the atheists again fail to treat the religion of Islam with the same mocking denigration they use so bravely against Christianity in this country.

They’re juvenile.

But they’re not suicidal.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


572 thoughts on “Christian activists tick off atheists; cover Chicago’s anti-Christmas display with giant banner

  1. Doug says:

    Nothing is quite as endearing as adults acting like children.

    1. heroay says:

      DOUGH??? The fractal brain in the darkest of crevices has speechen, again?? Flush, troll.

  2. Bruce Regees says:

    I believe in a Higher Power as all religions due. My higher power I call God. If an atheist would get there head out of there BUTT, the world would look and smell better!!

    1. heroay says:

      Forget the atheists. These out there are the zionist talmudic anti-Christian deceiver trolls. Under just another cover to avoid retaliation, and divide and conquer. Enlighten yourself to their treachery and hate for this country and Christianity. “The Talmud Unmasked – Pranaitis”, “The Protocols of the Wackos of Zion”, and “Kill the Best Gentiles”. Zio-kosher Filth.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Just because you don’t believe in GOD does not mean that GOD stopped believing in you. Sad thing is, even if some were to see a real Angel they would still deny what they saw. Their own intellectual intelligence would even cause denial, because it goes against what they believe.

    1. heroay says:

      Sorry to disagree. Their psychic or spiritual evolution is so low, they could only see the devil. On their way to Hell.

      1. Jonathan says:

        Who?? With what do you disagree? The point I had is the fact that GOD has given you every tool to success, including the Word, to be able to have a relationship with HIM.

        1. heroay says:

          “…even if some were to see…” Seems like i took it from there…(10 days ago) and wanted to imply, there are ‘others’ who cannot see an Angel, in their lowly spiritual condition.

          Who? The recipients of “your father the devil” award, the anti-Christ, anti-Christians polluting this post and many others, posing as ‘atheists’, ‘liberals’, etc.

          But actually, zionist trolls creating confusion, discord, and pitting left vs right, black vs white, Christianity vs Islam, ad nauseam, if you have made them out yet.

          Now, EXCLUDING these beasts, i wholly agree with you.

  4. Mark Stewart says:

    I always wondered how Atheists curse, for if they take the Lord’s or God’s name in vain does that mean they recognize them as holy names? I think there is a need for a new movement, the “I don’t believe in Atheism” movement…since that appears to be a religion of those say they are against religion and follow that belief…

  5. Debora Ann Binegar Howk says:

    Your god wants your church to pay taxes!!

    1. heroay says:

      More like YOUR god Mammon wants the church to pay taxes, to feed your Gov, to feed your family, to pay for your vacations and luxuries. Federal taxes are for the people who work for the government, ONLY. But the rapine rats imposed the FED and Rapine tax on labor, unconstitutionally. You really sound like a troll from tel aviv, feeding on Billions of dollars from tax robbed Americans. SHAME!.

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