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Andrea Bocelli stuns Florida congregation; sings at Christmas mass

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Parishioners at Miami Beach’s St. Patrick Catholic Church received an unexpected present for Christmas — the voice of internationally renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The Italian opera singer arrived for afternoon mass Wednesday at 3 p.m. But was he coming to simply celebrate Christmas services or did he have something else in store?

“For Christmas, I want absolutely to have a mass, and for this occasion, if they ask me to sing, I sing, I’m happy about it,” said Bocelli, according to WSVN channel 7 News.

Who could refuse the offer of his magnificent voice?

“We had tickets to go to his concert on St. Valentine’s Day, so this is like a special treat,” said churchgoer Margarita Courtney.

WSVN reported:

He may have sold millions of albums and filled sold-out stadiums worldwide, but on Christmas Day, Bocelli said, he is just a member of the congregation sharing his God-given talent. “I’m Christian, so for me it’s the most important day of the year,” he said.

An Italian mass was held for the famous Italian tenor, widely considered to be one the best singers in the world. The congregation took out smart phones and tablets to record the occasion for posterity.

“It’s amazing; it’s truly a gift of Christmas,” said Courtney.

Watch the WSVN news report.

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