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Man foils burglary, shoots one, holds another until police arrive an hour later

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A West Virginia man reported a burglary at a neighbor’s home in progress and held the would-be thieves at gunpoint until police arrived — more than an hour later. During the extended wait, one of the burglars rushed in to attack him and got shot for his effort.

Terry Robbins got a call at 5:30 Saturday morning from his aunt, who is a neighbor, that her burglar alarm had been tripped and asked him to investigate, according to WSAZ News Channel 3.

When he arrived, Robbins, armed with a 9-mm handgun, found a broken exterior window and two suspects inside, Jimmy Walker and Justin Blair. He then asked them to lie on the floor until the police arrive.

“I told them both, just please get on the ground, I’ve got a gun,” Robbins told WSAZ. “I’ll shoot you, don’t try anything just get on the ground until the police get here.”

Eventually Walker, who is distantly related to Robbins, rushed him in an effort to escape and Robbins shot him in the stomach. Walker is now recovering from surgery.

Watch the WSAZ news report.


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