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Watch Spiderman swing into action in NYC to rescue Batman from himself

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In comic book lore, Batman and Spiderman have fought side by side in a few Marvel/DC crossover comics, but never did it play out like it did recently in real life in New York City.

A video uploaded to the Internet Friday depicts an “f-bomb” dropping Batman engaged in a heated verbal altercation with another person in Times Square, according to The Blaze.

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A NYPD officer is drawn to the scene and tries to calm matters, then, with little warning, Spiderman swings into action to relieve the officer for more important matters.

The webbed wonder tries to sooth his crime-fighting colleague, but tensions remain high.

In a classic statement, spoken with authority, the real-life Batman said of his adversary, “You think he gangster but he ain’t no gangster. I know a gangster when I see one.”

And you almost want to believe him!

CAUTION: Video contains rampant profanity

Tom Tillison


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