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Obama’s bad year: Any worse he’ll need a ‘bottle of whiskey and a box of Kleenex’

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As a brutal 2013 comes to a close, President Obama was asked at Friday’s end-of-the-year press conference if it had been his worst year ever.

NBC’s David Gregory asked Sunday’s “Meet the Press” panel to weigh in on that question, with the best assessment coming from Republican strategist Ana Navarro.

“If you’re an Obama supporter, friend, press secretary, you better hope this is the worst year of his presidency,” Navarro said. “If it gets any worse, next year’s press conference at the end of the year, he’s going to have to do it holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks agreed, saying it was the worst year by far.

Watch the exchange here via NBC:

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