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Greta Van Susteren : Obama was so depressing, ‘you just want to slit your throat’

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Fox News host Greta van Susteren offered a blistering assessment of President Barack Obama’s “pathetic” performance at Friday’s end-of-year press conference, saying it was so depressing “you just want to slit your throat almost.”

A guest panelist Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Susteran asserted that Obama has lost his ability to inspire.

“The president’s most powerful weapon has been his ability to inspire. That’s his greatest strength. Then he comes out last Friday in the press conference. He was depressing. He was pathetic. He sucked the oxygen out of the room… He ends the year where you just want to slit your throat almost, because he’s so depressing.”

ABC political analyst Donna Brazile countered that the people the president has lost “are hoping he comes back” and are “dependent on him to fight for them.”

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“He wasn’t fighting even on Friday,” Susteren replied. “He came out at the end of the year and you thought, ‘Really? This is someone coming out and selling themselves?’”

With his signature healthcare law weighing on his presidency like a wet blanket, the new year ahead isn’t likely to be much better for Obama than 2013.

Tom Tillison


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