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Classless Democratic state rep. calls Arizona a ‘desert racist wasteland’ over football loss

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While we have always known that Democrats are sore losers, a lawmaker in Washington state took it to another level Sunday when the Seattle Seahawks lost for the first time this year at home to the Arizona Cardinals.

State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon was so upset over the loss that he posted a tweet calling Arizona a “desert racist wasteland.”

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Self control would eventually get the better of the Democrat and he deleted the offensive tweet, not realizing that the Internet is forever.

As fate would have it, a reporter for The Associated Press managed to acquire a screen grab of the tweet;

After deleting the tweet, Fitzgibbon posted an explanation that was as much a failure as his original comment:

Notice he does not apologize for saying Arizona is a “racist wasteland,” but tries to justify the claim by implying Arizona doesn’t back “smart immigration reform.” Being that Fitzgibbon is a Democrat, that means blanket amnesty.

Dan Bickley, vice president of media relations for the Arizona Cardinals, who are having a great year, decided to respond:

And as might be expected, Twitter users unloaded on Fitzgibbon — a few of the more family friendly responses:

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