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New Jersey cops say they were suspended for military service

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Two New Jersey police officers with outstanding records, both Iraqi War veterans, were suspended from duty without pay because of their service in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

In addition to the pay loss — days before Christmas — Airmen Michael McCracken and Hector Cartagena could lose their jobs for allegedly misusing military leave time, according to Fox News.

Their union representative says the men are being targeted to discourage other cops from becoming military reservists.

“It’s devastating,” McCracken told Fox. “I’ve got a wife and three small children. […] I’m without a paycheck now.”

Cartagena said, “It’s hard for the family. There’s no Christmas presents for them right now. We’ll get through this, I have no doubt, but it’s just everything I worked for up to this point.”

Lawmakers are asking that the New Jersey attorney general investigate.

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