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Obama confronted by unlikely reporter about ‘Lie of the Year’ award

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Lie-of-the-YearPresident Barack Obama held an end-of-year press conference on Friday before the first family jetted off to Hawaii for a 17-day, taxpayer-funded Christmas vacation.

While some reporters appeared to be caught up in the giving spirit of the season in their questioning — offering such gifts as “what is your News Years resolution?” — others were still focused on business, to include a New York Times reporter!

Times reporter Jacki Calmes, in a long, winding question, asked the president to respond to PolitiFact naming his statement “if you like your health insurance you can keep it” as “Lie of the Year.”

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“Jackie, I gotta say you’re stringing a bunch of things along here let’s see if we can hone in on a question,” Obama said, interrupting Calmes as she rambled on with her question.

Calmes responded, “That’s a lot less than (Fox News’s) Ed Henry had,” eliciting a chorus of “ooh”s from the briefing room.

As might be expected, Obama made no mention of the “Lie of the Year” award, opting instead to discuss the noble intentions behind his signature healthcare law that has thus far been a disaster:

“We’re gonna make mistakes, and we’re gonna have problems, but my intentions have been clear throughout, which is I just want to help as many people as possible feel secure and make sure they don’t get broke when they get sick.”

Ironically, the Times editorial board took a lot of heat in early November for an editorial that said “Obama clearly misspoke” when he made the now infamous promise that you can keep your healthcare plan.

Some felt the newspaper was coming to the defense of Obama, with one reader suggesting that the use of the word ‘misspoke’ was “Orwellian doublespeak.”

Tom Tillison


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