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Concealed carrying passerby stops store robbery in progress

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A Minneapolis man out for an evening stroll stopped a brutal beating and armed robbery at a neighborhood store Tuesday night.

Two men entered the University Market at about 9:15 p.m., according to the local CBS affiliate, WCCO. Without warning, one assailant pistol-whipped the convenience store owner, Mohamed Ahmed, while the other attempted to get money out of the cash register.

The man with the gun eventually rifled through Ahmed’s pockets, taking whatever money was there, and both fled the store, WCCO reported.

“It happened in no time,” Ahmed told the TV station.

After the owner locked the door, the men attempted to get back in, apparently to finish the job. That’s when passerby Matt Dosser saw the pair pounding on the door. Sensing something wasn’t right, Dosser drew his own firearm.

“I was really scared for his life,” Dosser told WCCO. “They were trying to kill him, in my opinion.”

When the robbers saw Dosser’s gun, they ran to their car and fled.

“I am shook up. Don’t get me wrong,” Dosser said. “This isn’t something that people like myself that carry a weapon ever want to have to do.”

But it’s a good thing for one convenience store owner that he did.

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