CNN gets Obama’s quote wrong: ‘I screwed the duck’

The controversy centering around “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s expressed views on homosexuality has dominated conversation in the country, leaving many, to include the cable news network CNN, with “duck on the brain.”

President Obama held an end-of-year press conference Friday, and while discussing the roll-out of Obamacare, candidly admitted, “We screwed it up.”

But, somehow, CNN misinterpreted what the president said and posted on its website an article that included the headline: “Obama: ‘I screwed the duck’ on healthcare roll-out.”

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The mistake can be seen in a tweet by a deputy news director at BuzzFeed, and was captured by Twitchy, reminding us again that the Internet is forever:

As the tweet noted, at some point CNN realized its mistake and quietly changed the headline to read, “Obama addresses successes, shortcomings for 2013.”

Others began tweeting the inaccurate quote, meaning they could have heard the same thing or were influenced by CNN’s mistake. The crack Twitchy team posted a few of the responses, to include:

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


58 thoughts on “CNN gets Obama’s quote wrong: ‘I screwed the duck’

  1. The Roadster says:

    Hussein Obama is a crazed lunatic.

    1. JibberFU says:

      You idiot cretin

  2. Don't Even Try It! says:

    Phil Robertson for President in 2016!!

    1. auntielib says:

      Harry Reid for Disgusting Leftist Bigot Of The Year in 2013!!!!

      1. Don't Even Try It! says:

        😉 I like how you think!

    2. Doug says:

      With Sheriff Joe as Veep.

  3. auntielib says:

    Barack seems to be begging, “please, accept me as a normal human being”.
    But he really isn’t.
    Obama, just like so many of his worshippers/disciples, really isn’t normal, by any stretch of the definition of the word.
    Why has today’s Democrat Party become so corrupt and perverted??

    1. Don't Even Try It! says:


  4. auntielib says:

    Why are Obama and his Democrat friends so focused on trying to screw the Country??

    1. Don't Even Try It! says:

      Mo POWER!

    2. JibberFU says:


  5. Erika K Moureau says:

    I don’t know what he said, since I never listen to him speak, but that’s a pretty funny remark! Maybe he was using his Chicago accent. I can see how that might come out “we screwed the duck”

  6. JibberFU says:

    Obama is a wonderful man. The best thing that’s happened to the crap-hole that is the USA in years

    1. JHorvathJr says:

      Stop sitting under the crapper, Jib. It’s effecting your brain.
      Smell the aroma of truth coming from your Fuerher’s lips.

      1. JibberFU says:

        OK, JHorvah, I will listen to your advice if you listen to mine, you stinking dog’s c0ck. Search for “goatse” and copy you, total arse hole.

  7. auntielib says:

    May not be yet another “misspeak” on the part of Obama at all.
    He probably WISHES he could Carnal Knowledge a duck, rather than having to “do it” with Michelle.

    1. JibberFU says:


  8. JHorvathJr says:

    Now there’s a headline! Quack Screws Duck! Tell it like it is. No more golden eggs in the US of Obama

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