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Charlie Daniels offers to arrange a trip to the swamp for Piers Morgan

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As far as feuds go, this is one that may be over before the popcorn is gone.

Southern rock legend Charlie Daniels turned his ire toward CNN host Piers Morgan late Friday in a series of tweets, even offering to arrange for the Brit to “hang out” with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson in the Louisiana swamps.

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Morgan had long since weighed into the controversy over Robertson’s views on homosexuality, including a tweet earlier that day where he told fans of the show to “duck off,” as Twitchy documented:

Daniels first tweet suggested that Morgan “go back to England” and deal with his own countries problems, a suggestion that is sure to get plenty of support from the right. A second tweet asked who would you want watching your back, Morgan or Robertson? As expected, Twitchy was sitting ringside:

Daniels next tweeted the offer to arrange for Morgan to hang out with the Duck Dynasty family head, suggesting he wouldn’t last five minutes:

At which point, Morgan must have caught wind that Daniels was taking shots at him, or had finally worked up the courage to respond, as he tweets a reply that he doesn’t “do swamps, nor bigotry”:

Now playing catch-up, Morgan also tweets in support of homosexuals:

As for hanging out in the Louisiana swamps, did you the really think the metro-sexual Morgan was going to take Daniels up on the offer? Few on the left have the fortitude to take on such manly endeavors.


Tom Tillison


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