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‘The Kelly File’: GLAAD, Family Research Council spokesmen talk ‘Duck Dynasty’ firestorm

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“People are tired of the bullying.”

That was the message from Family Research Council President Tony Perkins when he sat down with Megyn Kelly on Thursday to explain the conservative side of the firestorm over “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson and his comments on gays in GQ magazine.

megynkellytonyperkins1220newPerkins was interviewed after Kelly spoke to Jeremy Hooper, a spokesman for the gay activist group GLAAD. Hooper threw up a variety of straw men – racism, the Westboro Baptist Church – to try to discredit Robertson with classic guilt by association, and said Robertson’s defenders weren’t supporting freedom of speech, but “freedom from consequences … None of us are entitled to that.”

And that inadvertently laid the foundation for the Perkins segment that followed.

“People are tired of the bullying that’s taking place by organizations like GLAAD,” Perkins said. “Quit trying to silence those who hold to a natural view of marriage and traditional morality.”

Perkins cited recent court cases in Colorado, where a judge told a baker he did not have the right to refuse to bake cakes for gay marriages, and New Mexico, where the state Supreme Court ruled that a wedding photographer did not have the right to refuse to document a gay wedding, as examples of how the gay rights movement has distorted itself from one focused on protecting rights to one aimed at enforcing political correctness.

What the public outcry over A&E’s decision to suspend Robertson for his remarks proves, Perkins said, conservative Americans are getting pushed too far.

“They long for people who will not be choked back by political correctness,” Perkins told Kelly.

And as to GLAAD, Perkins was succinct.

“They’re not about conversation, they’re about demonizing and marginalizing,” he said.

Hooper’s half of the segment proved his point.

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