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‘Impeach Obamarama’ pranks in full swing; see photos of the merry mischief

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No one expected last weekend’s national “Impeach Obamarama” nationwide movement to make any serious progress towards its goal, but the message has inspired Americans to get creative.

The effort urges people to go to their local retailer and rearrange any letters they can find to spell “impeach Obama.” Pictures have been pouring in to the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Facebook page all week, featuring creative displays arranged in hobby, craft and hardware stores.

In case you missed it, the shenanigans will continue on Dec. 21.

Here are just a few of the displays posted on the Facebook page:

Impeach Obamarama FL
Impeach Obamarama Ill
Impeach Obamarama Dover DE
Dover, Delaware
Impeach Obamarama Johns Creek GA
Johns Creek, Georgia
Impeach Obamarama Massachusetts
Impeach Obamarama Waterford CT
Waterford, Conneticut
Impeach Obamarama Springfield OR
Springfield, Oregon

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