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‘Cut him off, he’s a jerk’: O’Reilly disgusted with guest’s war on Christmas

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A debate over Gitmo’s Nativity scenes grew so contentious Thursday night that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly had his guest’s mic cut off.

The U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay traditionally displays a Nativity scene in each of its dining halls, which serve thousands of military and civilian personnel. This year, a few people complained to the group, Military Freedom From Religion, which demanded that the displays be removed, group founder Mikey Weinstein told O’Reilly.

Weinstein said his organization acted on behalf of 18 complainants, including 11 Catholics and other Christians, who viewed the Nativity scenes as “a violation of their civil rights.”

“The O’Reilly Factor” host noted that Christmas is a federal holiday and the Nativity scene is merely a depiction of what happened on the first Christmas.

“It’s not like you’re making anyone at Guantanamo Bay pray or go to church,” he said. “It’s a depiction of a federal holiday.”

O’Reilly asked Weinstein to spell out the complainants’ objections, suggesting that out of 18 naysayers, at least one would have the courage to come forward to voice them.

Weinstein never really answered O’Reilly’s questions, choosing instead to use the program as his personal soapbox. O’Reilly finally had Weinstein’s mic turned off, calling him a “jerk,” a “weasel” and a “bloviator.” As the host gave his closing remarks, you can see Weinstein continue to talk, unaware no one is listening.

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