Target facing huge backlash over security breach

After reporting a credit and debit card data security breach on Wednesday, Target is facing huge backlash from customers who are seeking to find out if their […]

New Obamacare edict shows White House in ‘full panic mode’

Getting close to “full panic mode,” the White House on Thursday announced another drastic change in Obamacare deadlines that people who’ve lost their health insurance because of […]

gas drilling
Budget deal will cost state $100M in oil and gas royalties

It was barely noticed on Capitol Hill, but the budget deal that just passed both houses of Congress changes the split between the federal government and states […]

phil Robertson
The amazing thing ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson did after suspension

Phil Robertson is 67 years old, he’s well known, he has a pile of money, his family is behind him and he’s a devoted Christian. If A&E […]

David ‘Grinch’ Letterman wants less spent on kid’s toys: ‘People need food’

Each year, just before Christmas, CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” brings on an expert from the toy industry to show off the popular toys of the […]

Florida unemployment rate drops to lowest since 2008

Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.4 percent in November, hitting its lowest mark since 2008 and giving the Scott administration new momentum on the issue the governor […]

Van Damme video trumped: Chuck Norris kills it with epic Christmas split

Actor Chuck Norris is sending all his fans his wish for a very merry Christmas, and in the process blows Jean Claude Van Damme‘s amazing Volvo “splits” […]

Parents steamed over removal of religious lyrics in ‘Silent Night’ at school concert

Parents of children attending a Long Island, N.Y., elementary school are seeing red over a song performed by fifth-graders at a holiday concert last week. Officials at […]

Impeach Obamarama Massachusetts
‘Impeach Obamarama’ pranks in full swing; see photos of the merry mischief

No one expected last weekend’s national “Impeach Obamarama” nationwide movement to make any serious progress towards its goal, but the message has inspired Americans to get creative. The […]

‘The Kelly File’: GLAAD, Family Research Council spokesmen talk ‘Duck Dynasty’ firestorm

“People are tired of the bullying.” That was the message from Family Research Council President Tony Perkins when he sat down with Megyn Kelly on Thursday to […]

Phil Robertson
‘Absolutely astonishing’: Over 1.4M join ‘Boycott A&E’ Facebook page

Never underestimate the power of free speech loving, American patriots who use social media. “Absolutely astonishing” is how the Facebook administrators for the “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty” described hitting 1 […]

Watch: ‘The power of one man’ stops armed robber on Seattle bus

“The power of one man” is how the newscaster summed up the actions of a potential victim in Seattle whose instincts drove him to fight back against […]