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‘The Kelly File’: Heated free speech debate over ‘Duck Dynasty’ star’s suspension

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly hosted the debate Wednesday night the A&E network refused to consider – “because it’s politically incorrect!” – when they indefinitely suspended “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for his controversial comments, but personally held opinions and religious beliefs, on homosexuality.

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“The Kelly File” guest Arthur Aidala bounced around in his seat in frustration insisting Robertson simply exercised his First Amendment right, but now faces suspension:  “It’s the United States of America” where everyone is entitled to certain protections like free speech, he said.

Guest Bernard Whitman, who said he applauded A&E for removing Robertson for his “disgusting, reprehensible, hateful” comments absolutely disagreed with Aidala saying that Robertson isn’t entitled to be on TV “spewing hate.”

Watch the heated debate via Fox News here:

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