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County allows KKK’s impeach Obama meeting in government building

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Free speech might not be worth much to A&E, but the First Amendment still applies in Elkton, Md.

Even when the speech is aimed at impeaching the president.

confederatewhiteknights1A Ku Klux Klan-affiliated group called the Confederate White Knights has received permission from Maryland’s Cecil County to conduct a meeting in the county’s administration building to build public support to impeach President Obama, according to the Cecil Whig.

(Was anyone else surprised there are still newspapers named after a political party that effectively died in the 1850s?)

“Barack Hussein Obama is an illegal president,” Confederate White Knights Imperial Wizard Richard Preston told the Whig.

“He needs to be removed from office. We also want ‘Obamacare’ shut down. It’s against citizen’s rights.”

Permission to use the public building was not an official endorsement of the group’s views, the county explained in a prepared statement. But it was a way of fulfilling the First Amendment’s guarantee that the freedom of speech shall not be abridged.

“The First Amendment also prohibits local government from discriminating against an organization’s right of free speech and peaceable assembly on public property, no matter how offensive the message may be,” the county stated.

According to the Whig, the Confederate White Knights are a Klan group that is trying to move beyond the KKK of the past – the one founded and staffed for generations by the Democratic Party of the South

That KKK – the Democrat KKK – was aimed at enforcing the written and unwritten rules of the Jim Crow South to enforce racial segregation.

The Confederate White Knights is different, Preston told the Whig, and certainly not part of today’s Democratic Party led by Obama.

“It’s not about race. It’s about America,” he said. “It’s time for the American people to stand up.”

And in the Cecil County seat of Elkton, Md., it’s about the First Amendment.


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