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Two white men ‘lynched’ by black student; she calls it art

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lynch-white An African-American art student in California lynched two white guys as an art project, resulting in yet another case study in the accepted double standard in America when it comes to race.

Christina Edwards, a senior at Sacramento State University, hung the two white men from a tree with a thick rope to draw attention to a time when African Americans were lynched because of the color of their skin.

The men were reportedly actors and were in no real danger during the project, according to The College Fix.

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“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” the student told the local Fox affiliate.

“Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter,” Fox40 reported.

The report stated that Edwards said she followed all campus procedures.

Alexander Gonzalez, president of Sacremento State, disagreed, according to Fox40. In a statement released on the matter, he said, in part: “The university did not approve the display, and I want to assure everyone that I am working to address the multiple issues raised by this incident.”

There is little doubt that a white student choosing to lynch two black men as an art project would have elicited a much harsher response from the school.

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Tom Tillison


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