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Blast from Past: Hannity airs Ronald Reagan’s warning to America

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Ronald ReaganA warning issued by Ronald Reagan on the federal debt, taxes and the deficit in 1975 sounds as if it “could have been said last night,” Sean Hannity told viewers Tuesday night.

Hannity aired a March 1975 segment of Reagan speaking on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson where he had the audience cheering and applauding as he spoke about the need for tax reforms and balancing the budget – all at a time when the federal budget deficit was $53 billion – “chump change” today, former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich told Hannity.

“I still say that the answer to our problems in this country…is to have a law that says there is a percentage limit of the people’s earnings that the government can not go beyond without the consent of the people,” Reagan said.

On balancing the budget and spending less, Reagan said, “it’s like protecting your virtue – you have to learn to say no.”

Ehrlich reminded viewers how, at the time, the left dismissed Reagan as a “B-grade actor, this has been that’s not too smart.”

But that’s the “reason people love that guy,” Ehrlich said, adding, “What you just saw…old fashioned, common sense that should be in fashion” today.

We couldn’t agree more:

Watch the segment via Fox News:

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