Fox News ratings crush all others in 2013; no comment from Media Matters

Fox News Channel keeps on keeping on, crushing its liberal cable counterparts in the 2013 ratings game and vindicating conservatives across the nation.

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According to the newest Nielsen data, Fox News “remains the ratings champ,” in both daytime and primetime with more viewers than the combined averages of CNN, MSNBC and HLN,” Variety reported.

So, Media Matters recent declaration that the ‘War on Fox News is over . . . we won,’ just seems downright silly, doesn’t it?

Specifically, the article noted:

According to Nielsen data through Dec. 8, Fox News Channel averaged 1.774 million viewers in primetime (down 13% from 2012) and 297,000 adults 25-54 (down 30%). It was followed by MSNBC with 645,000 viewers and 203,000 adults 25-54 (down 29% in both); CNN with 578,000 (down 15%) and 187,000 adults 25-54 (down 16%); and HLN with 403,000 total viewer (up 21%) and 142,000 in the demo (up 27%).

Among all basic cable networks in 2013, FNC ranked sixth in primetime while MSNBC was 29th and CNN was 31st. In total day, Fox ran fourth while CNN was 28th and MSNBC ran 30th; in 2012, CNN finished behind MSNBC. CNN and HLN showed some year-over-year gains on a total-day basis, while FNC and MSNBC were down.

Fox and CNN both made some significant changes to their lineup in 2013, with FNC’s revamped primetime lineup, introduced on Oct. 7, posting gains in both total viewers and adults 25-54 vs. the block’s 2013 season-to-date average. The newest program, “The Kelly File” with Megyn Kelly, has improved the 9 p.m. hour by 23% in total viewers and 13% in adults 25-54, and “The O’Reilly Factor” is the top show in cable news (2.78 million, 439,000 adults 25-54).

Also of note outside of primetime, “The Five” (5-6 p.m. ET) and “Red Eye” (3-4 a.m. ET) had their most-watched years to date.

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29 thoughts on “Fox News ratings crush all others in 2013; no comment from Media Matters

  1. Autonoe says:

    When given the choice between watching a network that reports facts, or a network that has doctored video’s to appease their political view (as MSNBC has been caught doing many times), I’ll stick to the one that reports actual facts.

  2. Abby Sapp says:

    They have actually been a part of the cause for some of the other (controlled) networks to spill a few beans. Dear me! There are some people who do not research all day on the internet and watch television only. If they’re not watching Fox ….. they don’t know how much danger they’re in (AND IT SHOWS)!!!!

  3. HonestToAtee says:

    FOX News is NOT a mouthpiece for the Obama Regime which angers the Progressives. Everyone else is paid for by George Soros, and the MediaMatters Goebbels propaganda system is the source for the rest of the Lame Stream Media so people like Elise R and Seazen feel it their job to come on here and puke more sputum on us! Sorry fools, while FOX News may be too centrist for many of us we know they still present both sides of the story, unlike the Nazi News you Commies love so much!

  4. How is it when Liberals dominate the media that’s bad but..oh never mind. You’re hypocrisy is showing…

    1. SusieQ says:

      That’s the point dear, liberal networks do not dominate, did you read the article above? Excuse me “I think your slip is showing”.

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