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‘Disgusting’: Liberal group blasted for sending tracker to Republican’s memorial service

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With the Democrat-in-chief acting like an imbecile at a worldwide memorial service for a foreign leader, how could anyone be surprised that a progressive, liberal tracking organization just crashed a memorial service for a New Hampshire Republican?

Kelly Ayotte Wikimedia commons
Kelly Ayotte via Wikimedia Commons

American Bridge 21st Century – a PAC that “monitors what Republican politicians say and fights back when their rhetoric doesn’t match their records” – sent a tracker to follow and film U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte and other Republicans who attended Saturday’s memorial service for the state’s “longest serving executive councilor” Ray Burton, The Daily Caller reported.

After WMUR reporter James Pindell called out the despicable behavior of the tracker who was videotaping Ayotte and others, the New Hampshire Republican Party issued a statement banning American Bridge from all future GOP events.

According to the Daily Caller, party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn called the antics “disgusting,” writing:

Clearly this classless liberal political organization has crossed the line, and as a result of its outrageous behavior, American Bridge trackers are immediately banned from all New Hampshire Republican State Committee sponsored events. Additionally, we will encourage all candidates, and local Republican committees to remove American Bridge staff from their events.

American Bridge tweeted out a two-part apology after being caught and called out, but everyone knows a zebra can’t change its stripes, and all that.


The following responses were from people who called it like it is:

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Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.11.07 AM

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