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Did the GEICO gecko just declare the tea party is finished?

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The latest commercial from GEICO Insurance is fraught with ambiguity, leaving some to wonder if the “GEICO Gecko” is declaring that the tea party movement is finished.

In the ad, the insurance peddling gecko orders a cup of tea at a nice dockside restaurant, but the wind blows his tea bag into the Boston Harbor.

“Oh dear, I’ve dropped my tea into the Boston Harbor,” the mascot laments. “Hmph, I guess this party’s over!”

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Not helping matters, GEICO is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett‘s investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Buffet, an avid supporter of President Obama, lent his name to the president’s proposal to raise the tax rate on the wealthy, making the misleading claim that his secretary paid more in taxes than he did.

Monday just happened to be the 240th anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party, which prompts a much deeper question: Is the GEICO Gecko, in a British accent, declaring the great American experiment in self-governance over?

As for conservative firebrand Michele Malkin, she has already decided:

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