Bill O’Reilly: ‘Ms. Kelly is correct, Santa is a white person’

Bill O’Reilly, the top cable news host for more than a decade, entered the fray Monday over whether Santa is white, saying fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly was right in her assertion.

After a quick history lesson on Santa, which begins with Saint Nicholas, born around 280 A.D., O’Reiily showed the first sketch of what would come to be the modern incarnation of Santa Claus, and said, “Ms. Kelly is correct. Santa is a white person.”

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“Does it matter?” he then asked.

“No, it doesn’t matter, he continued. “The spirit of Santa transcends all racial boundaries. It is a spirit based on generosity kindness to kids, and magical moments.”

O’Reilly put all the hubbub over Santa’s race into proper perspective when he said that because the liberal media “can’t defeat [FNC] on the media battlefield, the far left seeks to demonize Fox News as a right-wing propaganda machine and a racist enterprise.”

As he so aptly noted, any talk of skin color brings out the zealots.

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Tom Tillison


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