old lady shocked face
Someone at CNBC won’t be ‘getting paid’ after network airs n-word song

Oh, CNBC.  With all the songs about money the business channel could have played on its network, why would it choose a rap song and then negligently fail to edit out […]

Wasserman Schultz’s attack on Florida’s governor comes up empty

Is this the best Debbie can do? The normally redoubtable Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz published an op-ed in the Sun-Sentinel on Monday aiming to tarnish Florida Gov. […]

gieco gecko
Did the GEICO gecko just declare the tea party is finished?

The latest commercial from GEICO Insurance is fraught with ambiguity, leaving some to wonder if the “GEICO Gecko” is declaring that the tea party movement is finished. […]

Bill O'Reilly
Bill O’Reilly: ‘Ms. Kelly is correct, Santa is a white person’

Bill O’Reilly, the top cable news host for more than a decade, entered the fray Monday over whether Santa is white, saying fellow Fox News host Megyn […]

55 of 62 Colorado sheriffs outright refuse to enforce new gun laws

Almost 90 percent of Colorado’s county sheriffs refuse to enforce their state’s new gun control laws. Fifty-five of the state’s 62 sheriffs are saying the ban on […]

Bitter Geraldo makes a jerk of himself over lost syndication

Geraldo Rivera is trying to replace the late Dick Clark as the world’s oldest teenager – on Twitter anyway. Not only does the 70-year-old have a weakness […]

fox news primetime
Fox News ratings crush all others in 2013; no comment from Media Matters

Fox News Channel keeps on keeping on, crushing its liberal cable counterparts in the 2013 ratings game and vindicating conservatives across the nation. According to the newest […]

Kelly Ayotte Wikimedia commons
‘Disgusting’: Liberal group blasted for sending tracker to Republican’s memorial service

With the Democrat-in-chief acting like an imbecile at a worldwide memorial service for a foreign leader, how could anyone be surprised that a progressive, liberal tracking organization […]

Obama-Rodeo clown
Obama rodeo clown leads voting as ‘Person of the Year’

Tuffy Gessling, better known as the Obama rodeo clown, is running away with the 2013 “Person of the Year” in Sedalia, Missouri. According to the local CBS […]

Santa hat
Parents of black teen want teacher fired over ‘white Santa’ comment

The floodgates have opened in the wake of the backlash over Megyn Kelly’s controversial declaration last week that Santa Claus is a white man. Now, the parents […]

BizPac Review
Jesus ‘most significant person ever’ in new research study

  Just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season, is a new and widely reported book with the revelation, “Jesus Christ named history’s most successful meme.“ Now, if you […]

Jay Carney on sabotage
Carney accuses Republicans of ‘attacking navigators’ to sabotage Obamacare

White House press secretary Jay Carney blasted Republicans Monday for “sabotaging” Obamacare by attacking navigators assigned to help people sign up for the health care program. Carney was […]