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VP Joe Biden gropes White House reporter in photo

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Say it ain’t so Joe!

There’s little doubt that Vice President Joe Biden is a fun loving guy, but his rambunctious nature frequently leads him to do things beneath the dignity of the high office he holds.

Consider the most recent example of Biden’s frisky, wandering hands, as reported Monday morning by The Daily Caller.

At a recent Christmas Party, Biden is seen posing with three people, including The Hill‘s White House correspondent Aime Parnes. As seen in the photo she posted on her Facebook page, Biden placed his hand inappropriately around Parnes mid section — a move she wasn’t expecting, based on her reaction!

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It looks like the startled journalist clasped Biden’s hands, seemingly to prevent any further intrusion upon intimate places, while trying to make the best of a bad situation.

It is but for the hypocrisy of the left that the national media is not calling the frisky Democratic vice president a dirty old man. Instead, it’s just “Joe being Joe.”

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Facebook via The Daily Caller

*This post has been updated to reflect that the original source of this story was The Daily Caller’s blog, The Mirror.

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