Ted Cruz third most influential man in world, says Rasmussen poll

A Rasmussen poll finds Americans rate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz behind Pope Francis and President Obama among the most influential people in the world.

tedcruz1216That’s pretty heady company for a junior senator most Americans had probably never even heard of until he made stopping Obamacare in its tracks the chief goal of the Republican Party. Cruz was the driving force behind the 16-day government shutdown over Obamacare in October that pushed the Obama administration into showing itself at its most vindictive – so far at any rate.

The pope got 23 percent of the vote, Obama 21 percent and Cruz 11 percent.

Coming in behind Cruz on the poll of 1,000 Americans were noteworthies like Edward Snowden (8 percent), the former National Security Agency contractor who fled to Russia after leaking details about the NSA worldwide cyberspying program, and Russian President Vladimir Putin (4 percent).

Lower down on the list were House Speaker John Boehner, and Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie  (3 percent each).

And for everyone who wondered how Miley Cyrus ranked but is afraid to ask out loud, it was 2 percent. (She beat Syrian President Bashar Assad, entertainer Kenye West and acquitted neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman).

Check out the poll here:

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz third most influential man in world, says Rasmussen poll

  1. Lilu Kanine says:

    He deserves it. Senator Cruz has voted not for himself, but for the people who sent him to Washington. More should follow his lead instead of the money.

  2. Rhonda Thompson says:


  3. allan says:

    If more voted for the people instead of big business ; AMERICA would still be NUMERO UNO; but the butt-heads on the hill would rather be OUT of STEP with it’s own citizenry; Because their GENDA is for your TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT; So don’t let these so called CONGRESS people fool you; They are all for IMMIGRATION REFORM with out most can not LEGALLY run for the P.O.T.U.S. which means they have all lost sight to what the founders had envisioned for this GREAT country;

  4. Earlene Leonard says:

    i am shocked that Obama was # one

  5. jagragg says:

    EXCUSE ME!?!!??? Exactly WHO were the “people” that voted for this JOKE!!! Had to be “double counts” {like democrats do} from the White House & “company” (liberal media).

    1. Iron Tub says:

      Voter fraud

  6. utexashorns says:

    But everyone hates him, lol, However, the wording is “influential” so in essence people blame him for causing the shutdown, (which in essence he did) so it is not influential in a good way. He is political poison

  7. joeblow1984 says:

    Do you watch C-SPAN or MSLSD? Let’s see… Who didn’t want to sign the bill defunding ObamaCare? Who has the majority in the Senate? If you watched C-SPAN instead of MSLSD or the Communist News Network known as CNN you would find out it was Dirty Harry Reid and his buddies along with President Obama.

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