Panelists on Melissa Harris-Perry show erupt over false ‘Obama race hate’

angela-ryeRacial discord in America may be at its highest level in decades in the “post-racial era” of Barack Obama, driven by a victimization class intent on using race to promote a political agenda and a complicit media only too happy to assist.

A clear example of this discord took place on Sunday between two black panelists on the pro-Obama network MSNBC, resulting in a bitter exchange that was only mollified by a timely commercial break.

During a discussion on the Melissa Harris-Perry show, Democratic strategist Angela Rye made the insidious claim that there was a “very, very racial” aspect to the 2010 midterm tea party sweep.

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A myth that Republican strategist Ron Christie simply could not let stand.

“Racial!” he called out. “I will not sit here and allow you to say that!”

“I said it, and I’ll say it again,” Rye shot back.

As Christie tried to respond, Rye told him “You should calm down just a little bit.”

“I will not allow people to sit here and say there was a racial aspect to it,” Christie continued. “That’s absolutely false!”

Harris Perry wedged her way in to break for a commercial, and when they came back she had morphed into Dr. Phil, telling Rye, “What I heard you say was that the language of ‘take back our country’ had a racialized overtone to it that was associated with the election of a black president, but what I felt like Ron heard Angela say was, ‘Republicans are racist.’”

To make her point, Rye put forth the incident in which several Congressional Black Caucus members were said to have been spat on and called the n-word on the day of the Obamacare vote.

“This isn’t something that I made up,” Rye said. “These are things that really happened and continue to happen, and we continue to see it in ways people talk to the President, about the President, and is that reflective of all people in the GOP?

But in reality, Rye is making it up because the incident never happened. Even worse for her, Christie just happened to be there that day and said the incident never happened.

No one else on the panel, to include Harris-Perry, made an effort to correct Rye.

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


29 thoughts on “Panelists on Melissa Harris-Perry show erupt over false ‘Obama race hate’

  1. yoyomo says:

    So you are racist because you think Obama is lazy? That claim of racism is the real racist statement. Liberals are morons.

  2. Hannah Abbott says:

    Angela Rye is a moron. . .not because I say she is, she is moron because she lies. . .. THERE was not spitting or name calling, IT WAS ON VIDEO and it did not happen. .

  3. Edwardo Snowdeno says:

    Every time one of these liberal pigs open their mouths the bond between the Independents Republicans grows stronger and stronger.

    These race hustling clowns on MessNBC continue to grow the Independent Party, it’s like they are paid by the GOP .

  4. lars1701c says:

    I can never figure out why blacks support obama or dems for that matter, they never help them and they are losing ground.

    1. Paul Banta says:

      lars1701c, 85% of the blacks that voted/support him and the democrats only support him because he is black. That’s it. It allows them to have a false sense of accomplishment. Again, that is the only reason they support him.

  5. butterflyinoh says:

    Man these Libs are Delusional.

  6. BD BOY says:

    when you can not succeed !!!!!! USE RACE ??

  7. BD BOY says:


  8. SusieQ says:

    There they go again, making things up and hoping viewers will take the bait, they are getting desperate.

  9. Mickey says:

    These women are the worst kind of racist. The gentlemen that was at the so called racial incident that the women talks about says it didn’t happen, he was there and it didn’t happen, yet this black racist woman insists it did and she was no where around. Now the host should take his word for it but because her goal is racial divide and making America believe that republicans are racists she takes the woman’s side who is obviously lying. People don’t want to believe that Obama is just an incompetent fool so they keep insisting that he is failing because he is a black man up against white racists. Wrong, he’s failing because he’s and idiot. Black or white he is not competent to run this country and I dare say the only reason he got elected is because of white guilt. White people didn’t vote against him out of fear of being called racist.

  10. Myke46 says:

    Conservatives are color-blind when it comes to Communist,muslim simpathising,lying,dictator wanna-bes.Not the color but the character.

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