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Gun rights leader says legislation is lethal: ‘Gun-free zones are murder magnets’

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It’s been one year since the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., but while some are advocating more gun control laws, one gun rights activist said some laws need to be revoked.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, if he saw Congress’ failure to pass additional gun control legislation as a victory for gun rights.

“We’re not really able to talk about a victory until we get rid of the laws that prohibit people from being able to protect themselves in schools and in other places,” Pratt said. “Every one of our mass murders in our country has occurred in places where guns were prohibited.”

Wallace asked if Pratt wanted to see some legislation rolled back.

“The legislation that’s on the books is lethal,” Pratt said. “It is killing people. These gun-free zones are murder magnets, and we’ve simply got to get rid of them. It’s an illusion to think that we’ll be safer because we can’t have a gun in a particular area, because the bad guy’s gonna have a gun.”

The Newtown slayings sparked a huge national outrage, Wallace said, citing polls showing that 90 percent of Americans supported additional background checks. But Pratt scoffed at the reports.

“From what we were finding, the notion that somehow gun owners were part of that 90 percent didn’t jive with what we found with our members, with what the NRA found with their members,” Pratt said. “Gun Owners of America doesn’t put any credence in those polls, and the fact is, Congress didn’t either, because they weren’t hearing that from their constituents.”

Watch the exchange here via Fox News:

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