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Councilman wants DreamWorks to pay for Obama’s exclusive visit, not town

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A councilman in the California town that DreamWorks calls home wants the entertainment behemoth to reimburse the town for security costs it incurred when President Obama’s considerable entourage passed through in November.

The main reason?

obamadreamworks1216The imperial president barely set an imperial foot in the town of Glendale proper during the late November visit that cost the town about $61,000, according to the Glendale News-Press.

The buk of the president’s time was spent on the DreamWorks campus, rubbing elbows (literally) with comedian Steve Martin and other Hollywood hot shots.

“Is it not flair for [DreamWorks] to foot at least part of the bill?” Councilman Zareh Sinanyan asked. “It’s not like the president came and met with the residents of Glendale.”

The president meet with residents of Glendale?

They’re just ordinary Americans. And as Obama has made clear over and over – from the “bitter clingers” speech in 2008 to his Glendale visit, when he famously said he could tell immigrants just by looking at them, ordinary Americans really aren’t his bag.

The president did find time to shake hands with the mayor of Glendale and three city councilmen during the visit, which he used to give a speech on the film industry’s importance to the American economy.

At a cost of $61,000 to a town of 200,000, Obama’s visits could get pretty important to an town’s balance sheet, too.


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