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Leno: ‘You know what ObamaCare and chlamydia have in common?’

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Continuing his job of puncturing the lies coming out of the White House and distortions by the Obama acolytes in the media, Jay Leno landed a series of jokes Friday night that deflated President Obama – and boosted Texas tea party Republican Steve Stockman at the same time.

“The Tonight Show” host’s monologue quoted a Stockman tweet from November that compared Obamacare to chlamydia – and Obamacare came off the loser.


Stockman, who’s about as roundly hated by libs as a Texas Republican can be (they think he makes Sen. John Cornyn look like Maxine Waters), took a lot of flack from the usual humorless suspects for that tweet.

But he got some help from the the very humorus Leno.

“You know what ObamaCare and chlamydia have in common? You can’t get either one online,” Leno said. “Actually … that is not a legitimate comparison. To be fair, there’s no fine for not getting chlamydia.”

Check out Leno relating Obama to chlamydia and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s performance woes here:

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