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Media Matters: ‘War on Fox News is over . . . we won’

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A casual glance at viewer ratings may leave you confused at Media Matters latest proclamation. The progressive bully has declared an end to its successful “war on Fox News.”

“The war on Fox is over,” said Media Matters Executive Vice President Angelo Carusone. “And it’s not just that it’s over, but it was very successful. To a large extent, we won.”

A statement that gives a whole new meaning to winning.

Fox News will no longer be the center of Media Matters’ universe because the group believes it has effectively discredited the network’s desire to be seen as “fair and balanced,” the Huffington Post reported.

Never mind that Public Policy Polling, a liberal polling agency, found earlier this year that Fox News was the second-most trusted name in news after PBS, with 41% support.

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As for ratings, Fox News totally dominates it’s left-wing counterparts CNN and MSNBC. In both total viewers and the all-important 25-54 age demo, according to Breitbart News. Fox News beat both of them combined and, out of over 100 channels, is #2 in all of cable.

It was in March 2011 that Media Matters founder David Brock first declared war. His new strategy was described as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.

Much of it’s early focus was on Glenn Beck, then a Fox News host digging hard to expose the activities of far-left philanthropist George Soros, a Media Matters financial contributor. Beck has since created his own digital network.

The groups president, Bradley Beychok, said, “Fox News isn’t going to stop lying, so we’ll stay on that beat.” But strategic plans show the focus shifting to increasingly influential targets to include alternative online outlets like Twitchy, HotAir and Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze.

An indication of how effective conservative groups have become through the power of the Internet. Based on the results of the contest with Fox News, let’s hope Media Matter “wins” this war as well.

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