Company’s amazing response to angry customer blows up web, sends sales skyrocketing

Ryan ClarkAn American businessman from an American company that embodies the American spirit catapulted his bottle works business into the stratosphere with his epic, now gone viral, retort to an angry, ignorant customer.

Meet Ryan Clark, co-founder of Liberty Bottleworks in Yakima, Washington, who responded on Facebook to an unidentified Michigan woman’s complaints that no one from the company was available over the weekend to assist her, even though, according to her, “it is the holidays, you should be working.”

Keeping in line with Liberty’s promise to consumers – “Stewardship – it is not just our responsibility, it is our liberty!” – Clark simply told the woman his employees will not be available on the weekends to help her because they are home enjoying time with their families.

“Family first, product second,” Clark wrote, gently chastising:

[We] pride ourselves on doing things well, we pride ourselves on doing things right, we pride ourselves on doing things the American way.

Not instant gratification, 24 hour shopping on Thanksgiving type of American way but, family and country type of American way. The way our grandparents did things type of American way.

I am sorry you are upset and I will gladly give you your money back, but I am not sorry our employees were enjoying the holidays.

That right is not exclusive to you.

According to multiple reports, Clark’s post went viral after an employee posted it on Reddit, generating over 10,000 new Facebook “likes” since Monday and slamming the company with new orders from supportive consumers.

“You can’t give up your people for profit,” Clark told KIMA-TV. “You can’t give up your ethics, beliefs or your core principals simply for another bottle sale.”

Screenshot of Facebook post courtesy of AdWeek.comliberty-response-2013 ad week

Watch a report from KIMA here:

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174 thoughts on “Company’s amazing response to angry customer blows up web, sends sales skyrocketing

  1. kamsinger says:

    That’s just lazy writing. Proper grammar has caps, punctuation and periods; and you call yourself an English Teacher? No wonder kids coming out of school can’t write properly! You should be ashamed of yourself!

  2. kamsinger says:


  3. Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog says:

    Interesting that a small manufacturer of items usually sold to other businesses rather than individuals would have its orders double on account of this. Businessmen are usually persuaded by costs rather than emotional appeals.

    1. David says:

      Your statement is entirely inaccurate and simply echoes the sick, twisted, and entirely dishonest garbage that the Democrats have been trying to sell America regarding business people and job creators. We are no different form any other American, unless you want to discuss the risks we take to employ others, and provide benefits…or the 18-20 hour days many of us have put in year after year to provide these opportunities. We are not without feelings, priorities, nor compassion. We just don’t believe that the government, or people who choose NOT to take these same risks to provide for themselves and others, have ANY right to tell us to hand over what we’ve earned. Your response is not only inaccurate, but bigoted and offensive.

      1. Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog says:

        That ol’ knee still jerkin’ there, Dave?

        The best I can gather from the article is that Liberty Bottleworks manufactures bottles. Who would buy its product but a bottler? How its sales to bottlers could double just from his one post is what’s puzzling. (They ought to find that secret and BOTTLE IT.)

        1. David says:

          They just did, genius…they dealt with the idiot in a way in which America approves. I have no idea of what they make or who might purchase it, nor do I care. Funny part, is neither do you. Smugness is a cheap substitute for substance!

  4. Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog says:

    Every employer I ever worked for did just that. Of course the business ran 24/7 and there were several Jewish employees as well as other faiths and the agreement usually went– we work your holidays, you work Christmas, OK? Being Americans, no one wanted to work Thanksgiving, but it had to be done.

  5. Tim Curtis says:

    Then start your own company! I own mine and I won’t be able to “solve YOUR problem” on Christmas and many other holidays. And I’m willing to wager there are more people of my mind-set than yours.

    1. hello?….more major companies than not are available for customer service on holidays…nothing personal, timmy

  6. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    If you are in America, it IS the American way!

  7. Dominic De Falco says:

    Wow, a hypocritical entitled one!

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