Chris Matthews: Right wing as crazy as Kim Jong-un executing his own uncle

On Friday’s broadcast of “Hardball,” MSNBC blather-mouth Chris Matthews said the right wing is acting as “crazily” as North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un, who had his uncle executed this week.

“You’ve heard the news from North Korea, how the young head of that country just executed his guardian uncle,” Matthews said. “Well, back here in America, the right wing is acting if not as brutally, certainly as crazily.”

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“Radio man Mark Levin denounced today Speaker John Boehner as utterly feckless — that means weak — for backing that little budget deal and trying to avoid another government shutdown,” he continued.

Calling Glenn Beck the “king of the crazies,” Matthews then tells us that Beck said Sen. Ted Cruz, described as “a good right-wing boy,” opposed the budget deal because “he did what we told him to.”

“So now the cat is out of the bad,” Matthews declared. “The people calling the shots are the loudest, angriest, nastiest voices in the right wing media.”

Matthews goes on to suggest the GOP establishment is “scared to death” that the “right-wing media circus will finger them for destruction the way Kim Jong-un just fingered his own unsuspecting guardian uncle over in Pyongyang.”

But rest assured, there will be no lectures forthcoming from the president of the United States about the tone of political discourse on the decidedly pro-Obama network.

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Tom Tillison


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