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WH official promises amnesty for illegals will continue ‘as long as this president is president’

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The Obama administration’s lawless approach to immigration policy will continue “as long as this president is president.”

That’s a promise from White House Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Munoz to immigration activists who, according to the Daily Caller, joined a question and answer session via Skype this week that featured Vice President Joe Biden as a stand-in for the president him-selfie.

President Obama uses the White House Rose Garden last June to announce the “deferred action” program that allows illegal aliens to stay in the United States.

Munuz didn’t call it lawlessness, of course. The preferred euphemism is “deferred action,” which allows illegal immigrants brought to this country as children the ability to work legally and even get driver’s licenses in some states. They can avoid deportation as long as they are in school, have graduated high school or served in the military, and avoid felony convictions.

As long as this president is president … you’re going to be able to renew your deferred action,” Munoz said.

The administration – or more likely the Obama campaign team — came up with “deferred action” last August as the race to win Obama a second term headed into the fall.

His support among the coveted Hispanic vote rose then and carried into November, when he landed 71 percent of the Hispanic vote.

And guess what? The two-year deferred action expires in 2014, just as congressional mid-terms head into the fall.

Politics as pandering has rarely been so transparent.

The problem is, promises like the one Munoz made – besides the executive arrogance of Obama him-selfie – make it harder for the comprehensive immigration bill the Senate passed in June to get by a House run by Republicans who don’t trust the president to follow the laws Congress passes.

Biden acknowledged as much during the session when he pretended the deferred action program – announced by the president himself in the Rose Garden of the White House – wasn’t exactly what the president and the press said it was at the time.

It is not the president saying, ‘I’m changing the law, you can stay,’” Biden said, making as little sense as usual.

“He doesn’t have the authority to say that.”

No, he doesn’t have the authority. But he did say that.

And he’s going to keep on ignoring the law, “for as long as this president is president.”



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