Nancy Pelosi tells Dems: ‘Embrace the suck’ on budget deal

nancypelosiUsing language some may deem inappropriate, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told her Democratic colleagues during a private meeting on Thursday to “embrace the suck” and support the budget bill coming before the House later that morning.

“We need to get this off the table so we can go forward,” Pelosi said, according to a Politico source who was at the meeting.

Pelosi was disappointed that an unemployment benefits extension was not included in the deal, but she didn’t want to hold up the vote over the issue.

Politico explained the budget bill this way:

The deal was crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and gets rid of some the sequester cuts, including the $20 billion in defense cuts that would have taken effect next month, by reordering some other cuts, increasing fees, including those on airline passengers for the TSA, and changing pension benefits for new federal workers.

Pelosi wanted to get past the budget discussion so Democrats could begin the attack on the “do-nothing GOP message,” allowing them to “focus on job creation, infrastructure funding, immigration reform and minimum wage increases,” according to Politico’s source.

Despite opposition from numerous conservative groups, the House voted 332-94 to approve the bipartisan two-year budget deal, according to Politico.

New pics of more Obama drama; is this his humble apology to Michelle?

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


43 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi tells Dems: ‘Embrace the suck’ on budget deal

  1. EliseR says:

    Yep, the Dems are crazy about the budget deal, but they don’t want to shut down the government. That is called compromise.

    1. Mamatex says:

      Tell me Elise, why is it the Dems didn’t compromise on the issue that caused the last Govt. Shutdown? Do you even know what the issue was?

      1. Kenneth Clark says:

        Simply because they would not admit the Republicans were and are correct.

        1. Mamatex says:

          Awww, you gave her a clue

          1. Kenneth Clark says:

            I try to help those with their head in the dung if I can. I hate to see someone choke themselves out… :-P:-P

            What part of Texas are you in? I too live in heaven on earth.

          2. Mamatex says:

            Born in Dallas and wanting to come back

          3. Kenneth Clark says:

            Dont know where you are now. But its just a road trip away…

          4. Doug says:

            Isn’t heaven on earth where they just gave that rich kid probation for driving drunk and killing four people?

          5. Anthony Mendolia says:

            That’s some bullshit too man. He should be in jail for life.

          6. Kenneth Clark says:

            Yeah and fortunate for the drunk punk that I or like minded people wasn’t on the bench.
            Reminds me of what the Democratic Senate does with Obama, Holder and all other cabinet members and agency heads that Obama has placed. Downright sickening…

          7. Doug says:

            I thought all of heaven on earth was like-minded.

          8. Kenneth Clark says:

            Obviously not. Unfortunately some let stupid take over like the judge who patted this kid on the back… Really unfortunate for the kid.

          9. Doug says:

            Interesting analogy.

          10. Doug says:

            Oh you live in Florida?

  2. sonney says:

    No body like this deal but the GOP needs to pass it. Don’t shut the government down at this time. If you lose the war and win the battle what good have you done. Remember Nov. 2014 keep Obamacare in the picture and the rest that has been done. Win the Senate and keep the House and then worry about the budget. Then this President will be a paper tiger.

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      I respectfully disagree. This is not the “Game of the Week” they are playing, although they think it is. It is real people, their lives and livelyhood, whats left of it, they are playing with.
      This deal is no different than a care salesman trying to push off on you the clunker in the back and make you feel good about it. There is no “Deal” in this proposal other than making themselves look to be doing us a huge favor while jerking us around yet again. If there are no tax increases, why are they increasing “fees” (diguised taxes) on airline seats. They are simply playing a rigged shuffle game to extract more and more to spend.
      Its election year coming up in a few days. They have to sell the clunker in the back even if it takes rotating the tires to make it seem different than what it actually is. This is nothing more than political posturing to make them “Salesman of the Year” which equates to “I took ’em for everything and they smiled hobbling off the lot with that junker”.

      1. sonney says:

        Ken don’t worry for right now look at the future. If the GOP don’t get the Senate and the House you haven’t seen anything yet. The last time they shut the government down the Rep. took it on the chin. They lost the battle and the war. I pray they don’t lose the war. After all it can all be changed if they get the Senate. That is what important Nov. 2014 keep the pressure on the people and they will take the Dems out of office.

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          Not sure they lost the war because we haven’t even seen the full tip of the Iceberg yet.
          The future must hold that true conservatives that keep their word are placed in these positions. No more McCains, Rubios or Lindseys. We cant absorb anymore of these that flip on a dime and tell us we cant do better. We can do much, much better.

          1. Doug says:

            You gotta win those primaries and stay away from clueless comments about women’s anatomies and especially no witches.

          2. Kenneth Clark says:

            Doug, me thinks the primary issue may be resolved thanks to the Democrats themselves. We will have to see. Just a few months from now…
            Isn’t is ironic that one of their biggest mouth sewers from Florida just got taken for 18 million. No wonder he is trying to “Fund Raise” using the KKK as his weapon.

          3. Doug says:

            The guy’s a fabulous stock-picker and then he falls for wacko schemes. Not once but twice.

          4. Kenneth Clark says:

            Apparently not as good as many thought

          5. Doug says:

            Kenny, I know you’re a bit of a religious zealot. Did you agree with Akin and Murdock’s comments that buried them?

          6. sonney says:

            Ken I agree with you but the last time we shut the government down it took the eye off of the start up of Obamacare. and the Rep. and the conservative part of the party took a big hit. The main focus should be getting the Senate back and keep the House. Everything can be fixed then but if the Senate is lost again and we loose more seats in the House then the war is lost. The rest of the iceberg as you call will not happen until after the Nov. 2014 elections then look out. They estimate 80 or 90 million more people will loose health care insurance that will be when all of the exemptions will expire.

  3. JJBuck says:

    Well, good to know after five years democrats are finally ready to focus on job creation. As for the other issues (immigration, minimum wage and infrastructure), why didn’t they address these issues when they controlled the whole government five years ago? We wouldn’t be hearing all of this nonsense about compromise…now THEY will need to compromise…it takes two to tango…and it is empirically irrefutable that minimum wage hikes dramatically increase unemployment, particularly among young African Americans…they still just don’t get the math thing… incredible. Time for Nancy to hang it up.

    1. Mamatex says:

      Wonder if Nancy will read the bill before she continues to comment?

      1. EliseR says:

        Well, Ted Cruz admitted he had not read the bill before he said he opposed it.

        1. Hello Dolly says:

          you couldn’t read it, it wasn’t allowed by the treason club.

        2. JJBuck says:

          …except it DID pass and we are all now bound by it, so what’s your point here?

          1. Kenneth Clark says:

            Ahem… I disagree here on the point of being “bound by it”. If Obama and his entire administration are not bound to follow the “Law” as written, then why would we be?

        3. Doug says:

          That man was educated at Harvard and Princeton. No Southwest weak sister schools for him.

        4. Kenneth Clark says:

          Strange how being right, in some people’s minds, is wrong…

        5. Mamatex says:

          Now surely you recognize the difference in Not voting for a bill u know you do not like vs voting For a bill to find out what is in it. I know we are on opposite sides of the aisle but even I call out the GOP when I think they are wrong!

    2. Hello Dolly says:

      you missed the key word in the sentence. She followed job creation with IMMIGRATION REFORM. She hid it between the lines. She wants to have that pushed through and fast. Don’t trust them. EVER. Sneaky little BStards.

    3. Kenneth Clark says:

      It wasn’t important to cover these issues you mention because they had already hoodwinked the population. Now they want to use these issues to practice their hoodwinking abilities again.

      1. Doug says:

        Fool me once…..

        1. Kenneth Clark says:

          Exactly. But then Obama was successfull in hoodwinking twice…

          1. Doug says:

            Like they say “Go big or go home.”

  4. 09dogg38 says:

    Please get out and vote,and replace the loons like Pelosi,,Reid,Hoyer,Franken,and on and on and on ……or we are doomed!

    1. Mamatex says:

      We all need to make a grass roots effort to educate

  5. michael says:

    She finally said something memorable. That phrase will certainly make it into everyday parlance. I will say it about our government every day.

  6. michael says:

    Oh, I forgot, she also said: You have to pass it to see what’s in it. Now we see, and we don’t like it.

    1. Kenneth Clark says:

      Her own god, Obama, doesn’t even like it. He has changed it many times without congressional approval simply because he didn’t like what it said and it didn’t fit into his agenda.

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