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Jay Carney laughs as WH press corp explodes in protest over access

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The White House press corps erupted in protest at Thursday’s briefing over the lack of access being granted by the Obama administration.

As overwhelming as the outcry was, White House press secretary Jay Carney‘s response was to break out in laughter, which only increased the tension in the room.

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Nearly 40 news organizations sent a letter back in November complaining about the administration controlling images of President Obama by limiting the access granted to photojournalists while allowing free rein by the White House’s own photographers, according to the Los Angeles Times.

While saying “we hear you and I want to address this,” Carney then went on to blame it all on the Internet, and “the ability of everyone to post anything” — the press wasn’t buying it.

So much for the most transparent administration in history, as Obama is fond of saying.

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Tom Tillison


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