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Obama tries to capitalize on Bush’s popularity; letter shows why he can’t

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The political all-star guests aboard the Air Force One trip to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service led many to speculate about what happened behind those closed doors. Thanks to the official White House photographer, now we know.

After a June poll found former President George W. Bush’s approval rating higher than President Obama’s, it’s no doubt that the White House was looking for a way to capitalize on Tuesday’s trip to South Africa.

Official White House photographer Pete Souza snapped shots of the two presidents and their wives, along with other luminaries, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama
senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, then tweeted them, according to Yahoo News:

Bush and Obama on Air Force One tweet

And here’s one of Bush showing pictures of his paintings on his iPad:

Bush and Obama on Air Force One tweet2

Perhaps Bush’s popularity spike is due to simple gestures like the letter he sent to Alabama kicker Cade Foster, who missed three field goals during last month’s ill-fated football game against Auburn. Bush wrote:

Dear Cade (#43),

Life has its setbacks. I know! However you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best—Sincerely—another 43 George Bush

Foster said he was framing the letter, according to Bleacher Report. He posted a photo on Instagram:

George Bush letter to Alabama kicker

Meanwhile, we see photos like this from Obama:

Obama in soccer stadium tunnel

Michelle Obama hits hubby with death glare seen around the world

New pics of more Obama drama; is this his humble apology to Michelle?

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