Obama tries to capitalize on Bush’s popularity; letter shows why he can’t

The political all-star guests aboard the Air Force One trip to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service led many to speculate about what happened behind those closed doors. Thanks to the official White House photographer, now we know.

After a June poll found former President George W. Bush’s approval rating higher than President Obama’s, it’s no doubt that the White House was looking for a way to capitalize on Tuesday’s trip to South Africa.

Official White House photographer Pete Souza snapped shots of the two presidents and their wives, along with other luminaries, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama
senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, then tweeted them, according to Yahoo News:

Bush and Obama on Air Force One tweet

And here’s one of Bush showing pictures of his paintings on his iPad:

Bush and Obama on Air Force One tweet2

Perhaps Bush’s popularity spike is due to simple gestures like the letter he sent to Alabama kicker Cade Foster, who missed three field goals during last month’s ill-fated football game against Auburn. Bush wrote:

Dear Cade (#43),

Life has its setbacks. I know! However you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best—Sincerely—another 43 George Bush

Foster said he was framing the letter, according to Bleacher Report. He posted a photo on Instagram:

George Bush letter to Alabama kicker

Meanwhile, we see photos like this from Obama:

Obama in soccer stadium tunnel

Michelle Obama hits hubby with death glare seen around the world

New pics of more Obama drama; is this his humble apology to Michelle?

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


140 thoughts on “Obama tries to capitalize on Bush’s popularity; letter shows why he can’t

  1. seazen says:

    Really? The daily struggle to find a picture or a comment that can be mindlessly distorted into some kind of bizarre story meant to defame or discredit or demean Obama must be exhausting. On the other hand, if that is how one contributes to our better understanding of the world it might just be really fulfilling.

    1. JJBuck says:

      Seazen, surely you’ve realized by now that the president doesn’t need any help defaming himself, his character or discrediting of his lack of accomplishment…

      1. seazen says:

        As is always the case, history will finally define the full set of accomplishments and “character” of all leaders taken within the true context of the reality in which they operated. Rabid, mindless tweets and forum postings provide little real truths since their goal is self-satisfaction.
        Obama inherited an economy in near-collapse, two mindless and expensive wars, emergence of a new form of dispersed terrorist threats, a totally inept legislative branch, and the real emergence of a society controlled by 1% of the wealthiest citizens.
        No, I am not blaming Bush. This mess began in the 80’s. But the real data regarding the changes from the time Obama (our first black President) was elected until now will show what he did, or did not achieve under the circumstances. Same for Bush, Clinton and all other Presidents.
        We will all learn how much of the mindless vitriol and screaming about “handshakes” and “selfies” and “Hawaii” and “birth certificates” was driven by meaningful content of his character and how much was driven by the shock that his election defined the beginning of the end of white, macho, provincial, male supremacy in this country.

        1. rhodes autry says:

          If I was a part of the slow moving herd, I would give consideration to your comment.

        2. JJBuck says:

          Seazen, I agree with you about the Hawaii and the other stupid stuff, but the old liberal mantra about old white men and 1%’ers is getting a little stale and it’s time for progressives to stop playing the race card about Obama every time you feel cornered. By any objective measurement, this man is utterly incompetent and either a pathological liar or delusional on virtually everything and a total failure – he has not solved any of our nation’s issues and, in fact, has made things worse, and was elected and is in the process of destroying the health care system, all based on his lies…think he would have been re-elected last year if he stood in front of all those podiums last year and told us all the truth that your health premiums and deductibles are all going to go up significantly and, oh by the way the IRS has been impeding free speech and David Petraeus is bopping his biographer, and the FHA is insolvent and I don’t know where I was the night of the Benghazi massacre?…we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. He is, by his own admission, a wealth re-distributionist. The progressives are pursuing an economic philosophy that is so intellectually bankrupt it defies comprehension, and we are all paying for it, especially our kids and the most unfortunate among us. The 1% thing is utter nonsense…what IS true is that the 3%’ers are carrying most of the tax freight. Maybe instead of denigrating them you should occasionally just thank them…I am simply tired of all the lies and misrepresentations. Establish your philosophy and make a stand and let the truth shine through, and then people can make a decision based on facts. Stop all the lying and spinning. He can’t run again. Is that too much to expect?

        3. P00dy says:

          BLAH BLAH BLAH. The victim is the victor…RUBISH.

        4. flg says:

          history will only prove what the people in power at the time will allow.

        5. Beeta says:

          He has no character to be concerned about.. Believe me you have not seen the last of White people.. When you do you can bend over and kiss your ass goodbye for it is the white race that have work ethics and feed this nation of welfare leaches.. It would serve you and your kind well to see to it that the white race lives on . We built this nation ! And we must have done it right for we can not keep people out.. And it is people like you that have no Gratitude for what you have that was achieved by the sweat and intelligence and the faith in God that has given americans what they have enjoyed.. We know what will become of this great nation if people like you and some of the other ethnic races were to ever become in charge as you are now… We can only look south to mexico, to NY and Chicago to the Ghettos to see what the blacks and mexkins have to offer and to California, the east and Chicago, Michigan to see what the Dems and liberals can accomplish… not anything to be proud of and you want to do away with the White people that built a great Nation? You are a brain dead ignorant jackel!! Good luck We have God on our side and that has been a win win situation…Obama is a failure in his on right.. He is a plant by the communist and socialist parties to take our nation down.. He has accomplished a lot in just 5 yrs to get that done. Spent us into more debt than all Pres. combined. Has caused more deaths in the wars he entered and stayed in than any Pres. NEWSFLASH FROM 2002!!! WMD MOVED TO SYRIA FROM IRAQ… that is what alqueda is using In Syria on the Christians and citizens there.. By the way Obama is backing the terrorist there by giving them rockets that will bring down commercial planes and gun running in Benghazi that he allowed four americans to be killed to cover his terrorist acts by aiding his muslim brotherhood in terror against Syrians.. YOur pres . is a terrorist! Look what he has done to our healthcare. He has by executive order put himself in a dictator position . He can shut down everything in America at his will to get his way on anything he demands.. We as a nation are in a hell of a mess and it is dangerous to say the least. But I would not expect you to see that for your head is to far up his azz. check this out .. he was born in Kenya.. why else would he spend millions to hide it and all his ID? http://www.birtherreport.com/2012/05/breitbart-goes-birther-obama-listed-as.html

          1. Cheryl Brown says:

            OMG! That was beautiful! So true. He thinks he is achieving his goal but true Americans will bring him and his posse down! God Bless you for those statements.

          2. Jerry says:

            If these blacks and Hispanics and white liberals do ever become the majority the whole United States will be as corrupt as Mexico, as bankrupt as Detroit, and as crime ridden as all the major cities where they already are the majority.

        6. art says:

          you’re really good now do you do any non fiction story

        7. Jerry says:

          YoBama is your typical bastard, flake, and mulatto and you sound like one too.

          1. seazen says:

            You, on the other hand, sound like a true American hero working hard to contribute to civil discourse and problem solving. You logic and calm approach are commendable.

          2. Jerry says:

            Your approach that you suggest doesn’t work on you obtuse and belligerent liberals either.

          3. seazen says:

            In case you forgot. This what you posted:

            “YoBama is your typical bastard, flake, and mulatto and you sound like one too.”

          4. Jerry says:

            seazen, I have read many of your comments and you make it hard to understand just what you mean. I took your comment as sarcasm. Sorry if you meant it as a compliment.

          5. seazen says:

            No sarcasm, just awe at your insights and intellectual prowess as in:

            “You are a gay marriage loving, dope legalizing, abortion baby killing liberal demon. You are not appropriate sucker.”

            Tough to beat your wit!

          6. Jerry says:

            I try to mold my beliefs based on my interpretation of the bible first and then the constitution. In the end the bible will prevail over what liberals goals really are. Nothing wrong in wanting everyone to have food clothing and shelter but convoluting those debauching issues I mentioned together proves to me that liberals have a sinister motive.

          7. seazen says:

            I hope your friends and your gurus have read the bible carefully and that they practice true Christian values as it relates to the “least among us” and are wary about casting stones.

          8. Jerry says:

            Rest assured I am quite poor. I don’t own anything and have a lot of credit card dept. I believe that in the long run liberal ways hold us all back. Liberalism begets liberalism. More people over the years are not working because they can take advantage of getting more money for free than what those who work make. I’m sure half the people on welfare are just plunderers because they can be. The least among us phrase should take into consideration if someone used their welfare money to buy booze, cigarettes, lottery, drugs, and fancy cars society owes them nothing and if someone has been collecting welfare and hits a jackpot which does happen they should have to pay all the welfare back on top of the taxes.

          9. seazen says:

            Don’t you think that, perhaps, that people aren’t working because there are no jobs? Look at the unemployment rate and the average wages paid over the past 20 years. Look at all the jobs that have been shipped overseas. We built the world’s strongest economy ever on the backs of union workers and with companies that really gave a darn about the communities they operated in. Look at the fact that Walmart pays it workers a pittance and yet the four members of the Walton family are worth more than the bottom 42% of our entire population. That all was not caused by “liberalism” and it certainly wasn’t caused by poor people.

          10. Jerry says:

            Once you liberals started collecting income taxes on wages, salaries, and tips you started to reduce the purchasing power of people to make real jobs. Then a few more people needed assistance so you quick fixed that by raising the taxes another percent so that reduced the purchasing power again so a few more people needed assistance so you raised taxes another percent and now have more and more people using the system and less and less paying in. are you getting the picture. You now have about 50% using socialist programs and 50% paying. Infernal liberals have gradually and progressively debauched everything. Soon you progressives will solve the problem by forcing us to put a computer chip in our hand to buy, sell, and trade all in the name of compassion. That is the real goal of liberalism.

          11. seazen says:

            I think you need to take an economics course and might even ask yourself where the money comes from to build roads, bridges, airports, water systems, police and fire departments, NASA, cancer research, etc. Might be from taxes. You also might want to figure out how we fought two World Wars and built a powerful economy when taxes where twice as high as they are today. Funny how these things work.

          12. Jerry says:

            Roads bridges comes from gas taxes, registration fees, tolls. Water, police and fire comes from property taxes. The income tax on wages salaries and tips was started to fund two world wars and was suppose to end when the war was won.
            You liberals, communists and progressives claimed you could cure societies ills if you could keep the war tax which was 1% to 2% of peoples incomes.
            Today we have more bastards, idleness, crime, drugs, marital desertion, alcoholism, poor people and more of all the other problems liberal compassion promised to fix than any time in the history of the United States.
            And your taxes are 20% to 50%. You pinks never acknowledge that most people are poor because most poor people don’t control their sexual urges any better than a stupid animal even though free birth control is available. Have you bred any kids and if so how many different women did you breed them with? There are less jobs because people have no more expendable income due to stifling regulations and taxes no matter where we turn.

          13. Jerry says:

            You didn’t try to comment on my mark of the beast point. Are you for selling your soul to the devil to eat and work. That is where you so called compassionate liberals are really taking us to with your schemes in my opinion.

        8. Kathy says:

          The totally inept Congress was dem majority! Also the economy was a direct result of decisions made by Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd!! Obama will go down as the worst president in our history!! I cannot imagine anyone worse on any front, be it domestic or foreign!!!

          1. seazen says:

            A tad more history and context regarding the 30 year effort to deregulate the banking industry would help in understanding this mess. Trying to pull the Frank/Dodd meme out of the dust as if were somehow the cause is just not very solid. This country is being run over by big money. Big private money in finance and oil own our political system and have sucked the wealth out of the main stream. Reagan, the Bushes, and even Clinton were fully duped by those who only sought to consolidate financial and political power in the hands of the wealthy. Those same folks now want you to believe it was Obama or poor people that caused a mess that took 3 decades to create.

          2. Jerry says:

            Where did you go? You haven’t commented on my answer on where roads and bridges money comes from. Please comment on my reasoning of people not controlling their sexual urges any better than a stupid animal when free birth control is available and why so many people are poor. And this is the third request for a comment on your liberals real goal to implant a chip into our hand so we can buy sell and trade.

          3. seazen says:

            LOL! You cannot possible be serious.

          4. Jerry says:

            You lose. You can dish it out but you cannot back it up. Be specific and tell me why I am wrong. I am serious.

          5. Jerry says:

            seazen can dish it out but he can’t back it up.

    2. Matthew Newman says:

      Struggle?!?!? you ake it sound like it is something difficult…this man (and not to mention the most inept VP-ever) are walking talking invitations for demeaning press. Too bad the Fifth Columnn MSM has long ago (about 5 years ago, by my count as that is the last time they actually did any digging) stopped doing their jobs.

      1. EliseR says:

        It’s especially easy when you just make stuff up.

        1. Matthew Newman says:

          OK, please thrill me with your acumen, tell me what has been made up, genius.

        2. Matthew Newman says:

          Or do you mean made up like the video that caused the slaughter at Benghazi and was lied about by the soetoro adminsitration??

          1. Rob says:

            isn’t his name Hussein?

        3. Dwayne Jackson says:

          Name just one that was made up. Go ahead I dare you.

          1. EliseR says:

            Let’s see…
            Lies include: Muslim prayer “curtain” in East Room. Members of Congress exempt from the ACA. Obama is a Muslim. Obama is not a citizen.

          2. Julyette J says:

            For such a fan it seems you have never read his books.

          3. Beeta says:

            Congress got subsidies.. So they will pay NOTHING! The décor in the WH now is middle east curtains and wall covering and floor covering are akin to the middle east not America!! Obama by his own admission is a muslim.. He told Morsi in Egypt that he was one of them meaning a muslim brother hood member. Those are not lies they are facts you are denying. You need to educate yourself on Obama..meet YOUR pres.


          4. Sounds like EliseR gave you plenty, but instead of daring her, why not research it for yourself?

        4. Alice says:

          Give one example of made-up stories that show the ineptitude of this administration. The MSM covered for him until just recently and even now they try to spin the muck that has turned up since his “story” began to unravel.

          1. Alice, “made up stories” don’t come home in body bags.

        5. Kenneth Clark says:

          You can’t make this stuff up. That is the most sad of it all.

    3. Kenyan Detractor says:

      I can’t stand to see or listen to Obama or Clinton. They refused to send any enforcements to Benghazi before or during the slaughter of our people. In fact they forced those ready to go to stand down.
      Obama and Clinton, and ALL those that support them are the most despicable of humans and need to be dealt with according to the US Constitution. Tried for treason, found guilty, and executed.

      1. Beeta says:

        Dead men don’t talk..gun running operation to alqueda and brotherhood..

    4. Dwayne Jackson says:

      There is no daily struggle to highlight his narcissism they are posted daily. ie: Rosa Parks, John Glenn and John F. Kennedy.

    5. Alice says:

      If all the stories that would defame O were told, even his staunchest supporters would leave, except for those who vote for the color no matter what.

      1. seazen says:

        I know. There must be 100’s of those stories. I bet you know a few that you might share with us. I used to hear all kinds of stories around the campfire.

        1. Beeta says:

          In 08 when Obama was campaigning many people turned up dead… and probably a lot we did not har about… the three gays in wrights church were killed just before the election. Brietbart and his coroner , 2012 all the navy seals that were going to do a tell all were sent in harms way to afganistan in a relic Helicopter form the 60’s . Alqueda was waiting for them and shot them down and all were killed.. Alqueda was alerted by someone and were waiting for them to shoot them down.They never put more than 3-4 seals in a vehicle at one time.. All 20 plus were in this relic. and on purpose I might add at Obama’s orders… It is amazing how anyone that was against Obama or appeared to be a threat to his getting elected were killed .

          1. seazen says:

            Now that is the #1 bizzaro conspiracy fantasy of all time. Which voices are telling you these things?

    6. Not really. It’s easy because he makes it easy. Thanks Obama!

    7. Dawn Bennett says:

      No one has to try to defame or demean dumbass. He does it every day all by himself simply by opening his mouth.

    8. P00dy says:

      Blah Blah Blah…….National unity has dwindled and YOU and this President are helping the decline of civility. :”Vote for revenge?” HE SAID THAT. Disgusting comment. I lost my health insurance and of course HE WHO DOES NO WRONG blames the insurance companies when they follow HIS LAW”S MANDATES. 100% of the Democrat Congress voted FOR this monstrosity. President Obama has done nothing without mentioning the BLAME GAME, THE RACE CARD, THE poor me I am being inappropriately criticized. Well, Get off the golf cart and wipe your tears onto the White house satin sheets and get to work solving the division YOU created. In the Beginning OBAMA CREATED HATE..

    9. P00dy says:

      The beginning of our countries problems was the MUSLIM issues years and years back when Carter was President. The death of Sadat, The IRan-Contra issues during Reagans years, The Hostages, The Israili Olympic team getting killed, Our 2 Trade Center bombings….BOTH OF THEM…..Bombing of the USS COLE, The Somali problem during Clinton’s era, AND CLinton’s impeachment. He had his eye off the ball, while someone else was right there by his own? The problem is MUSLIM TERRORISM, they need to be silenced and stopped. Women need to be freed from the tyranny of their fathers who rape them, their husbands who beat them and the fact that woman cannot drive a car, express an opinion or hold offices.

  2. EliseR says:

    Bush had the lowest approval rating ever for any President when he left office. It’s not hard to go up from there, especially when you haven’t done anything in the public eye for 5 years.

    1. miami7 says:

      “Haven’t done anything in the public eye for 5 years.” You are talking about Obama right?

      1. Dwayne Jackson says:

        C’mon you have to give him credit for destroying our great country.

        1. And making sure I never vote for another democrat ever again!

    2. Mickey says:

      Can you really still be supporting Obama? Really? You are either supported by tax dollars or are a closet communist, there can’t be no other explanation. If there is please tell me I am truly curious how a patriotic American that is not in some way living off the government can approve of the job this man is doing.

      1. Mickey says:

        correction..Can be no other.

      2. Rob says:

        moveon.org probably, I have asked myself the same question but can only come up with 2 answers; communist or just plain dumb.

        1. Guest says:

          It will be a pleasure to watch as those like Mickey struggle to survive when the system implodes and they don’t have any Govt handouts.
          They should make great “cannon fodder”.

          1. Beeta says:

            I think you need to read mickey’s post again..

        2. Correction:
          it is morons.org

        3. Beeta says:

          Communism always fails!

      3. Alice says:

        There is the possibility that Elise might be a minority voter. They won’t let go even if we found secret documents showing O giving money to support terrorism. Wait, I think they did find such evidence, except he was using our money like any good lib.

    3. Ed Sargent says:

      EliseR, does that R mean you are Retarded?

      1. EliseR says:

        Haven’t you heard that the term “retarded” is a vile and disgusting way to refer to anyone? Of course, you are probably proud to be vile and disgusting. I work with developmentally and mentally challenged kids and they display so much more class and compassion than you do.

        1. Larry Mellette says:

          Do you know what retard or that score is retarded. It means slow in music. What does it mean to you?

          1. EliseR says:

            ritardando means to slow down in music. Not retard.

        2. Ed Sargent says:

          only to people who make retarded comments

          1. Alice says:

            Can’t help it, my speech is southern so it is slow, or retarded. However, I would not call Elise retarded. I would say uninformed, minority voter or deliberately obtuse.

        3. Alice says:

          You mean sort of like the name O used to describe millions of American, tea baggers?

        4. rhodes autry says:

          so you are ok with the developmentally and mentally challenged kids inheriting the ideology that is being disseminated by this administration, and you have honestly looked at the rise and fall of other nations?

        5. RightUnite says:

          Apparently those on your side haven’t gotten that memo yet about the “Vile” comment…. Might want to let them know that…

        6. Julyette J says:

          Retarded means, “slowed or delayed in development”. Only the ignorant, stupid, “politically correct(?)” bimbos trying to make themselves bigger and better than they are decided to make certain perfectly correct words or expressions wrong. PC is one of the worst things to happen to this country after, the mainstream media lies (yes they have lied!) the democrat party that has morphed into communism and Barack Hussein Obama. The only thing vile and disgusting is you and the morons like you!

      2. APtfbgames Gibson says:

        Please don’t insult retarded people. Elise isn’t smart enough to be retarded. I have an Autistic son who is smarter than her.

        1. Ed Sargent says:

          ok, sorry bout that

    4. Roxanne says:

      President Bush has done a lot since he left office. He has continued his helping the veterans and he has continued helping countries that are in need. You have to be talking about Obama because he has done nothing for our country except get us deeper in debt and has ruined our healthcare system and Benghazi. If President Bush was in office he would have sent someone to help the four in Benghazi but since Obama said that Al Queada has been running scared he was afraid to do anything about Benghazi because we would have known he was lying through his teeth. I am sick of people like most liberals blaming President Bush on Obama’s failures. Obama is a do nothing president and that is the truth. President Bush has done more good for us and even out of office has done more good for us. Take off your blinders and look at what Obama has done to hurt this country. Everything he has done has hurt us. We are in the worst shape then ever since this man took office.

      1. EliseR says:

        Tell that to the thousands of men and women who died in Bush’s unnecessary war to find weapons of mass destruction.

        1. Ed Sargent says:

          weapons of mass destruction went to syria you idiot, bush was a patriot and an American, unlike the muslim piece of trash in there now

        2. Alice says:

          We’ve lost more men and women since O took over the war. You don’t know it because, evidently, you don’t read the news. The MSM keeps all those deaths on the QT.

          1. Ed Sargent says:

            I was only asking her if that was what the R stood for, she couldve just said what it stood for, problem is people are blinded by this idiot we call president, he has violated so much of our constitutional rights it isnt funny. just will not be happy till we move on and try to get our country back without to much damage. If the UN treaty is enforced then I see major war breaking out right here on our soil because I dont think everyone bought guns to put on their wall to stare at, there is going to be a bloody war with the blue helmets who invade our land to take our guns, believe me, there are alot of sheeples but I think they are outnumbered by patriots. Do you know that only 3% of the people fought in the revolutiionary war? the rest ran and hid and we still beat the british. Same thing will happen again. Only the strong survive and the military will take out this administration quickly, they wont have a chance and they know it or they would be putting us under martail law already and using hitler style tactics already but with 300 million people with guns it would be impossible to do it. Right now they are hitting the liberal sheeple states like New York and California where they know they can get away with it.

        3. rhodes autry says:

          We found a buttload of sarin gas, what kind of mass destruction were you hoping for?

          1. Ed Sargent says:

            People dont realize saddam was shipping the crap out as fast as he could, he knew we were coming. He had no nukes but he had the gas. now it is in other countries and I bet Iran got some too

          2. Beeta says:

            Of course he had it he had already killed thousands of Kurds in the north. That was proven years before we went in. The libs and the Dems have nothing on Bush so the make up lies and regurgitate it over and over till they start believing their own lies. all lies they use as talking points…They have nothing else factual!

        4. RightUnite says:

          Sweetie…. More people have died under your pretend king, than any died under Bush… Nice try though…. The war that Obama is finding not so unnecessary…..

        5. Kenyan Detractor says:

          You mean the WMDs that Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Pelosi, and almost every intelligence agency agreed were there, those WMD’s.
          Seems your selective memory shows how un-selective your intellect is.

        6. Beeta says:

          And if you did your homework you would see that more men and women have died in Afganistan under Obama than died under Bush in Iraq.. You have no clue about anything and you just run your mouth because you are not informed..

      2. Alice says:

        There is a big difference. Bush uses his own money. If O does anything he also uses Bush’s money as well as ours.

      3. Julyette J says:

        I wouldn’t call him a do nothing president. He has certainly done his best to destroy our freedom and Bill of Rights, alienated our allies, kissed up to our enemies, destroyed the best health care system in the world, divided us by political party, race and class, proven himself above the law, etc…,etc..,etc.

    5. Kenyan Detractor says:

      Keep slurping the kool-aid. It becomes You. Be sure to keep the access way open for getting back under your rock, you’ll need it in the very near future.

      1. Alice says:

        Probably getting everything supplied by the government she supports. But, the time is coming when even those folks’ money supply will dry up as productive Americans try to pay for their insurance and healthcare deductibles.

        1. Kenyan Detractor says:

          A database of Obama supporters should be built with optimum information about them so we know where the enemy can be found when TSHTF

    6. Alice says:

      The problem is, while he was president the MSM was careful to cover up all his work he never boasts about: AIDs relief in Africa, green energy projects on his own home while Gore was living it up in energy grabbing mansions, Kindness to everyone and not a word of criticism of the current horror we suffer. Bush was just not a brilliant economist and allowed a Dem controlled congress to push through stupid law after 2006.

      1. Beeta says:

        He was out numbered after 06, nothing he could do to stop them…what he could veto he did.

    7. According to the BSnbc, and you would be correct.
      Question: is that why he won over Kerry by almost four million votes? The president to receive most votes in the history of the U.S.? Hello?!!

    8. dennodog says:

      Eight years of an unrelenting attack by the left and the media attributed to Bush’s unpopularity. obama has had a love fest with the media and of course, the left. His numbers are tanking precisely over the incompetency of his administration and his actions. Even with a fawning media running interference for him, he can’t shake the “alternate” news sources that don’t suck up to him like the “big 3” do.

    9. Beeta says:

      Bush caught the blame for the crash of the housing bubble that the Dems created. The dems took control of the house and senate in 06 so everything was down hill from there. Bush was a lame duck after that .. So the things the Dems did in those 2 yrs was blamed on Bush and he had no control of what they did… The housing crash was caused by the DEMOCRATS from carter to Clinton to the democrat control in 06 of which Bush warned them of 17 times and they chose to ignore. If they had acted on his warning the ecomomy would not have crashed but the DEMS always ruin everything. Before they took over the eccomomy was good and unemployment was low.. as usual all the Dems touch is destroyed. Look at Detroit and Obama poured billions into saving Detroit but the problem there the Dems were still running Detroit.. A failing recipe all the way around ..

  3. RUSerious says:

    In 2003, President
    George W. Bush led us into a ‘pre-emptive’ war with Iraq, under the pretext of ‘taking out weapons
    of mass destruction’. The cost?

    500,000 dead

    4,486 dead American

    $2 – $6 Trillion
    added to U.S. deficit.

    Tell us again how
    Obama’s the worst president ever.

    1. Matthew Newman says:

      As usual the leftist mantra continues, “Bush lied-People died”. While the lives lost and damaged by the war in Iraq will never be forgotten, the left will always use them as a political tool.
      And just to remind you of the fact that all of the intelligence that showed that Iraq had WMD was seen and agreed upon that he was a threat to the stability of the Mid East by the coalition assembled by Bush.
      And your revered ‘Dear Leader” and his disrepect of The Constitution aided by the sycophantic MSM and coalition of the ignorant and uninformed has done far more harm to our once great country. Or perhaps the “Fundamental Transformation” comment was lost on you.
      Keep up your RDA of the Kool-Aid and go on back to your 500th viewing of ‘Loose Change”.

      1. Alice says:

        Ever noticed how the left glibly called Bush a liar with no evidence and complain that O is called a liar with so much evidence it is hard to take it all in?

      2. RUSerious says:

        Facts are facts, sorry you can’t bring yourself to accept the truth…

    2. JJBuck says:

      Are you serious? I was no “W” fan, but Obama’s record: Over $7 trillion in new debt in less than five years, lowest post-recession growth rate ever, 10%+ REAL unemployment rate five years into his “mistake”, low or no growth in GDP, a country now more divided than ever by race, income, gender, age and ethnicity, lies, lies and more lies, reestablishment of the welfare state, 50+ million on food stamps, 90 million people are getting increases in their health care costs with skyrocketing deductibles (assuming they get to keep their plans), IRS harassment of conservative political groups, secrete deals with the Iranians, IRS, Benghazi, Patraeus, FHA insolvency, GM bankruptcy screwing of the bondholders, government by executive order, lower bond rating, spying on population, Obamacare fiasco…is that enough or should I go on? No “W” fan but would take him back in a heartbeat. Get a grip.

      1. Alice says:

        I voted for Bush. I supported him on the war. His failure to veto spending bills by the Congress after the libs took over in 2006 was a disappointment to me and his attitude toward the border security was unacceptable. Still, he is a good man at heart though that hasn’t helped our economy or border control. The difference, everything Bush did was on the front page. O escaped scrutiny as he took our economy and freedoms apart piece by piece.

      2. RUSerious says:

        Your failure to accept the Truth is called delusional on your part, luckily, mental health is covered under RomneyCare/ObamaCare…

        1. JJBuck says:

          Who’s delusional? Really? Wow.

    3. Alice says:

      Tell us how many people have died since O took over. There are countless uninvolved Muslims killed as the drones bomb over there. I am not really complaining. We have to take the war to the enemy. It is just that liberals have their sights trained on America first.

    4. rhodes autry says:

      Almost three quarters of the 2,153 U.S. military fatalities in the 12-year-old Afghanistan war have taken place since Obama was first inaugurated, according to an Associated Press (AP) tally.

      Using the AP’s Afghanistan casualties database, between January 20, 2009, and the end of last month 1,595 U.S. soldiers lost their lives in the Afghanistan conflict. The total number of military deaths so far is 2,153.

      That means that about 74 percent of all U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan have taken place under Obama’s watch. During the eight years of the previous administration there were only 558 fatalities, or about 26 percent of the deaths that have taken place from October 7, 2001, the start of the war, to November 30, 2013.

      And this is not even in a declared war!… Now put that in your houka and smoke it.

      1. RUSerious says:

        Who started that war again?

    5. Judith Lang says:

      I do call suicide bombers and aiding global terrorism weapons of mass destruction also. The chemicals went to Syria.

    6. jdelaney3 says:

      OK. Obama is the worst president EVER!

      1. Doug says:

        It’s a horse race with Carter, Harding, Pierce and Buchanan. Kentucky Derby of mediocrity.

        1. jdelaney3 says:

          Don’t think I’d include Harding. I’d include Polk before Harding any day.

          1. Doug says:

            Polk was an excellent President. Very aggressive. 54-40 or fight border dispute, annexation of Texas, chose to serve one term. Harding’s administration was very corrupt. Teapot Dome, Boys back home in Ohio and a nasty paternity scandal with a very young Nan Britton. I’ve seen lists where Polk was rated as high as tenth.

          2. jdelaney3 says:


    7. AlecJ says:

      You need to reread the history, my brother. Every major intelligence agency in the world backed the “pretext” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Democrats such as John Kerry and Hillary Clinton agreed and said so publicly.

      In fact, its public knowledge chemical weapons had been used on Iraqi citizens.

      You are falling into the left wing history rewrite. There was consensus around the world, hence the almost 50 country coalition that were a part of the Iraq war.

      You want some real information. Did you know almost 75% of soldiers killed in Afghanistan have been so, under Obama. Even though Obama has had fewer years as leader of the conflict than Bush.

      I know the media has ignored our still fighting troops, now that it isnt a way to damage Bush, but they are still dying in that awful place.

      As for the money…..Obama has exploded the budget on corrupt “stimulus” spending and crony favors to green companies that go bankrupt. Oh, and raising and supporting armies and navies is in the Constitution…..so its kind of called for in our founding documents….a trillion every year in stimulus that does nothing but pay off political debts, not so much.

      GWB was not a conservative and is behind only LBJ in domestic spending so im not a big fan of his politics, but everything he did wrong, Obama has done many times worse.

      Warrantless wire tapping, rendition, drone attacks on civilian targets, Gitmo, drones over America, collection of “meta data” on American citizens, expansion of Patriot Act powers, secret courts, abuse of the 4th amendment. IRS abuses. Wiretapping journalists. Obama has made Bush look like a libertarian on privacy and human rights.

      Dont be a political zombie. You wont find many people calling George W Bush a spectacular President here, but no matter how many lies he is caught in, or how many scandals pop up, lefties still deny the truth about Obama. He has been a disaster in every regard.

      1. seazen says:

        You are doing a fine job of rewriting or reimagining recent history yourself.
        First, you need to take a hard look at the list of the 50 countries that supported the Iraq War and read what the IAEC was telling us and how the nimrods in the Cheney gang were plying with the data about WMDs.
        Second, the number of soldiers who died in the Middle East while Obama has been in office is due the simple fact that they were already there. It is also true that he has been pulling them out.
        The “stimulus money” was, in fact, directly responsible for preventing an economic collapse that would have dwarfed the Great Recession. There was too much sucked out by the financial industry before and after but they are finally going after them as they should. And “green” investments are simply a very tiny piece of an effort to end our dependence on 19th century energy and bring us into the 21st century.
        Surveillance techniques that have stretched the notion of privacy are an issue and are being death with. At the same time, there is a crucial requirement to keep tabs on the newly dispersed fundamentalist forces seeking to cause terror here.
        No one should deny the truth about Obama or Bush or Clinton or Cheney or Rove. It gets hard to get at the truth when there is so much absolute nonsense being peddled about Obama on a daily basis for purely political reasons.

  4. AWCheney says:

    I have not doubt that Bush’s increasing has absolutely nothing to do with him, and EVERYTHING to do with Obama, and how hated he has become.

    1. EliseR says:

      And yet Obama’s ratings are still higher than Bush’s.

      1. barchen36 says:

        Dahlink, history will tell. Incidentally, Bush can take a joke about him, without blaming someone else. Bush did not bow to any leader AND did not present CDs of his speeches to any dignitary. Magnificent differences in the First Ladies. One has CLASS, the other is sorely lacking.

        1. Alice says:

          And, also, there were no significant terror attacks on us after 9/11; Bush stayed off the golf courses and on the job and he didn’t spend millions on vacations.

      2. Alice says:

        Because the money flow has not turned off to the welfare minded hoard who were bused down to the polls and told which buttons to push. Also, O remains half black and that will count with his supporters no matter what he does.

        1. rhodes autry says:

          sad but true

      3. rhodes autry says:

        Only because folks have an emotional attachment to cling to the notion that they are not dumb enough to be duped by the media in such an inexcusable fashion, but such is the case.

      4. proudwhite says:

        IGNANT* bLAKS

    2. Doug says:

      Good observation.

  5. mericans ALREADY know the bulk of his
    “followers” on FB and Twitter don’t exist. Much like his voters. Oops,
    I’ve said too much. Watch men in black come knock on my door shortly.

  6. jdelaney3 says:

    I know presidents are a fraternity of sorts, but, really, why didn’t the Bushes charter their own flight?

    Their flying to Pretoria with Comrade Obama just plays to Obama’s cynical need to bolster his political standing. Surely, the Bushes knew that. So, is the appearance of “fraternity” more important than America’s well-being? Sadly, it appears that way to me. Sickening.

    1. seazen says:

      Maybe the whole notion that they are Americans, that they can have differences but work together, that their being together actually sends us all a positive message in the midst of the current petty bickering, finger-pointing, and name calling. Sorry if that sickens you.

      1. jdelaney3 says:

        Oh please. Your lofty, heart-felt rhetoric is, at best, hollow and meaningless. You[re “sorry it sickens me”? I sincerely doubt that.

        What’s going on today is FAR more insidious and dangerous than “petty bickering, finger-pointing and name calling”. And making nice with a neo-Marxist isn’t improving America’s chances for survival, either politically or economically.

        In case you’ve missed it, what the ruthless Progressives are attempting to do–and, with your help, so far successfully–is to “fundamentally transform the USA” into yet another failed utopian state. Doesn’t that disturb you, concern you?

        And they’re both “Americans” trying to “work together”? Really? Barry is manifestly an AINO–American In Name Only. That is clear to all but the willfully ignorant or hopelessly ideological.

        And this lovely kumbaya is okay by you? Get rid of the rose-colored glasses, sonny. Grow up, join the living and see what’s really going on. It’s not pretty at all.

        1. seazen says:

          I gather this is all based on serious research and fact. If not, it is really off-the-wall.
          Whatever Obama has, or has not, accomplished you are suggesting that the current state of affairs in this country are terrific and that they have been until he was elected. Since the work of our perfect President in the 80’s, the middle and lower income classes have had essentially zero increase in their incomes while that of those at the top has skyrocketed. Our education, health care, and housing systems have all been twisted to serve the wealthy while the rest of us struggle to stay afloat. Our rankings in all aspects of life have dropped to the bottom of the global scale. Big money owns our politicians and therefore our government. They play with elections as if they were some board game. We have gone from the world’s most respected nation to one that folks around the world now laugh at.
          So if fundamental reform is a bad thing, I guess we simply are living the society we deserve.

          1. jdelaney3 says:

            And your point is? Reagan was as bad as Comrade Obama? Our status in the world is as bad now as it was then? That fundamental “reform” ( I said “transformation”–a significant difference) is something Americans deserve? That none of all this is the fault of your savior, Obama? A decidedly incoherent, “off-the wall” reply, I must say.

          2. seazen says:

            What, no response to the substance of my comment? “Off-the-wall” comments are those that ignore facts and simply sling terms like “Comrade Obama” or “you savior, Obama”.

  7. APtfbgames Gibson says:

    To EliseR, Everything you list here is TRUE. Obama is a Muslim, born in Kenya and yes, Congress, as well as the rest of the DEM party in charge are ALL EXEMPT from ObamaCare. Muslim prayer is being held at the WHITE House as well as in all facets of our military, yet Christian prayer is frowned upon. This country was founded on Christian principals. The world goes by a calendar of A.D. Anno Domini, which means ‘Year of our Lord’. And Name one good thing Obummer has done that has benefitted the USA, please. My healthcare went up an extra $600/month because of ObamaCare. Are you on welfare? Because I feel the only people who still support this mess of a president is on welfare. This didn’t start in the 80’s by the way (to another blogger), Reaganomics were a crucial part of our society back then. Reagan was the last perfect President. Do you remember when he challenged Russia? Do you remember him making us the most RESPECTED Country in the civilized world? Please do not EVER put Reagan in the same boat as Carter, Clinton, Bush or Obama, The rest cannot hold a candle to him. Obama is a FRAUD and it will unravel very soon! Keep your eyes open and quit searching for that UFO. Come back to Earth and be a productive citizen!EliseR Dwayne Jackson
    • an hour ago

    Let’s see…
    Lies include: Muslim prayer “curtain” in East Room. Members of Congress exempt from the ACA. Obama is a Muslim. Obama is not a citizen.

    1. Doug says:

      Wow! A perfect President! No flaws at all?

  8. WendellWillkie says:

    Don’t you just wish BO could be halfway normal like the rest of them?

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